Saturday, July 31, 2010

On blogs and blogging

I just noticed that I have a tendency to create new online accounts during midterm/final exams season. My tumblr and twitter accounts, for example, were revived and created (respectively) just a few months back, when finals was drawing near.

Now, I have this urge to create yet a new one. I just feel like I need a new space. After all, it has been over four years since I created this blog. And things have changed. Then again, maybe I just need a new layout. Or not. We'll see. I still have a livejournal account which I haven't opened since forever. Maybe I should revive that, too?

See, I don't really have a bunch of followers commenting here and there. But I do write for a specific audience: myself, at the present, and myself, in the future. I do like seeing my bits and pieces of my life by simply scrolling down. It gives me almost the same feeling that I get when I catch myself (as in my self and not just my reflection, if you know what I mean) in the mirror and, for a brief moment, I see, in order, my different younger selves, doing the exact same thing: looking at the mirror, amazed at how everything seems so recent and so long ago at the same time. I treasure those moments. I never induce them; they just happen. And I do feel good when they do. It's like getting a pat on the back from my younger self--because despite all my mistakes and misgivings along the way, and the many many times I've done things my younger selves would have frowned upon, during those moments, I get the reassurance that yes, I am treading the road I've always set my heart to explore.

So anyway, new blog or new layout? We'll see. Still got loads to study.

Oh, update!

Just a few weeks back, my stylish blockmate Pearl suggested that we (she, another blockmate, and I) start a fashion blog. Lately, I've been browsing a lot of other fashion blogs and I can't help but feel so ordinary. When I'm rich (and I'll be soon! I'm claiming it!), I'll go shopping as often as I could. How come some girls have new outfits everyday? That's just insane. (Though I'm not saying I don't want that kind of never-ending closet for myself :p). Anyway, I don't know if the fashion blog will push through. But if it will, I think that will be a good venue for me to explore things I love other than the law.

But for now, I have a love affair with the law. Gotta get busy.

(P.S. I realized the body of this blog isn't really reflected in the title but WTH)