Sunday, July 27, 2008


no. make that GOD has been good to me lately.
oh change that again. HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN :)
ewan. ang saya saya ko lang. everything's going well.

and by well, i don't mean PERFECT. i just mean well, as in well.

happy hormones, much? haha.

i don't know. nonsensical posts like this one are mostly stored in my lj. but i guess this time i just want to tell everyone how good im feeling. as usual, a lot of things have gone un-blogged about. lately, i've been feeling elated. like i said, no, my life isn't perfect. it's no smooth ride, even during the past days. still, i feel good. maybe it's the graduation blues. haha. yeah, i guess that's it. with our pictorial for the yearbook getting closer and closer by the moment. perhaps this good feeling is brought about by the times i've spent lately looking back at my college life. i've had helluva good one, i must say. i learned. i lived. i loved. cliche, much, but true. i've been hurt. i've cried. i've been embarassed. but i've made it through :) it just feels good to be where i am now. not that i've gone far. i would not want to claim anything like that.

incoherence, here we go again. hahaha.

and so the internet has to bail on me again. before i got dc-ed, i've already typed two insightful paragraphs. darnit. im too lazy to think again. haha.

so, adios mi amigos. (is my spanish correct?)

tralalalala. ok. this post is soo not for blogger. haha. whatever.

ok. cognitive dissonance-ing again. this is really not for blogger. so i'll try to make some sense before posting haha..

well, what was i saying anyway? oh. im happy. yeah.i guess it's all about being surprised what i could actually be. first, i was not sure i could make it to UP. i never tried to dream of laude status. i was not sure i was good enough for psychsoc. i never thought people would surprise me with the votes and apparently, trust me with such a post. in short, almost all that i am right now, i never really thought i'd be. and i mean that in so many different aspects of my life. i once said earlier this year, on january 1, i think, that 2008 seems to be tempting me. and true enough, i've been through hell and back. people close to me would know what i mean, and that i'm far from exaggerating.

through it all, God has been with me. i actually feel guilty because for quite some time, i neglected Him. it's hard for me to admit, but then what's denial for, anyway? lately, i feel like we're reestablishing lost connections. it's a bitter thing to think about that i only seek Him in times of trouble, or in good times. i'm just so blessed to have a God like Him. to be loved by Him. to be cared for, to be accepted.

graduation day is drawing nearer and nearer. it excites me, actually. i once thought i'd dread it, being the school phile that i am. (nerd, in other words. haha).

just a while ago, i was compiling pictures i've had with psychsoc. psychsoc is my home away from home. and i guess it will always have a special part in my heart. most of the ones im close to are now either working or taking postgrad. i love them and i miss them. they've made me their baby. but now im on my own. before, i can't imagine how psychsoc would be like without them. how i'd be like without the people i'm often with. but lo and behold, i surprised myself again. i'm actually having a good time with the new ones. and though i miss being the baby at times, lately i've been feeling the "ate" vibe. for most, if not all, of the conversations i've had with the apps for my 2nd sig, i spent the time reminding them with things i'd like them to know by heart. feeling ko, naghahabilin na ko. i even used the line "since we're about to leave pretty soon" in a number of conversations. lately, i just have the urge to impart what i want to impart to the younger ones. haha. oo na, ate na ko. feel na feel ko na yun ngayon!

so anyway, since i might have bored you to death with words, i'd leave you with a picture of me with my babies :) they're the extercom apps :) [minus mariz and migs]

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