Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summing up four great years is hard to do.

Undeniably, I had onehelluvanawesometime in my stay in the University. Every year has been extraordinary. No doubt about it, UP gave me the best four years of my life. It has been such a great honor to be in a crowd like that, to be mentored by the best professors, to exchange ideas with tomorrow’s best men and women, and to be a scholar of the entire Filipino nation.

In UP I learned not just about life. I learned about what it means to lead a great one (and also how to!). I became classmates not just with bright people. Better still, I got to mingle with the country’s brightest. I may have “failed” at times in UP’s standards. But hey, those were UP’s standards. And though it may not seem true due to my previous statements (haha), UP humbled me and made me realize that you’re never really good enough… and it is not a matter of “you can always do better” but more of “you should always try to strive to be better.” After all, you owe it to the people. And it’s not even out of pagbabayad ng utang na loob because the people subsidized our tuition. More than anything else, it’s about good citizenship.

I miss UP already.

It’s a bit hard for me to move on given that there never was really any closure. But then again, why should there be a closure when you can still keep in touch? Closures are for endings. I may be an Atenean in a few months time, but I’ll always be UP. I’ll always have the blood of a UP graduate and not passing the LAE can’t take that away from me.

I can’t stress enough how I love UP and how I enjoyed my short stay. I comfort myself with the fact that I have maximized my stay by being so many things at the same time, without sacrificing my academics. I don’t know when I’ll ever be in such a great sea of bright minds again. Sure there’s Ateneo Law, but then we’d all be students of the law. The feeling of being among tomorrow’s leaders in just about every field is really different. Besides, Ateneo can never be UP. But then that’s a good thing, ‘cause then I’d be looking forward to brand new experiences, things I wouldn’t get if I’m still in UP :) For more academic (and personal) growth na rin, diba? (I hope my point is clear, as I do not mean to offend the former school in any way).

So Philippines, thank you for the honor of being an Iskolar ng Bayan for four splendid years. You know I love you :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

College grad

Thanks to these two very important people, I was able to go to school, get a college degree, and experience one helluvanawesomesupergreat 16 years of education!

In the past, I always cry during graduation. Well, I only really graduated twice before college, since I was accelerated from Kinder I to Grade 1. But well, today I didn't cry, and I'm quite surprised.

Oh well. Inasmuch as I want to, I don't really have the time to think about my affects since we still have the University Graduation to attend tomorrow, so I need some good sleep.

Maybe I'll talk about grad in more detail after tomorrow. But please everyone, pray that it won't rain tomorrow. 'Cause there would be no ceremony if it rains in the afternoon.

I'm excited for tomorrow's medal :D Teehee. Two medals. Haha.
And by the way, the fact that Jamo was in the family dinner with us tonight was the cherry on top of the cake :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On taking pictures

I don't know but for the past couple of months, a question has been ringing inside my head, a question closely related to my addiction to posting albums in my multiply account.

Am I going to events for the pictures that I can take? Or am I taking pictures merely to show off?

I mean, sometimes, I do feel a pang when I make taking pictures a motivation. I mean that's not innately bad, but sometimes it becomes the main reason, which doesn't sound right at all. Like, okay, I wanna go to this or that so I'll have something new to upload... And sometimes, I feel like I'm missing the event (even if I'm physically there) because I'm too busy taking pictures... Hmm, it makes sense now. Maybe that's why I enjoy looking at pictures from my camera and commenting on friends' albums in multiply... 'Cause sometimes (and sadly), that's when I truly get to live the moment, if you get what I mean.

But hey, then again I think that's such a negative picture I'm painting. Don't get me wrong. That's not the case all the time. Operational word from the last paragraph: sometimes.

I think I have this notion that the more pictures you have and the more detailed you get to document an event, the more fun it would seem when other people would view. My point? The focus becomes other people's opinions. And that shouldn't be the case. [Rhea]lization: when taking pictures, remember that what you want to document is genuine fun, not the trying-hard type meant primarily to make your life look more interesting.

A few pictures would do. Go where you want to go, and live the moment right then and there. People from ages ago had their memories to rely on when reliving events... and maybe theirs were richer, since they got to really live in the moment, every sweet second of it.

Monday, April 6, 2009


April 3, 2009

I was done with the stuff I had to do in UP by 2:15. So I left for the mall to shop while waiting for the Kappa Induction to be over so I could go with Joybee to the seniors' meeting place in Antipolo.

The very first thing I got for myself was this really nice, Greek-ish torquoise top. Chiffon fabric. I got it from my new favorite store, Mags (SM North Edsa Annex). They don't have any other branch in Luzon, but they do have branches in Visayas and Mindanao. Fair enough for me. I like stores that you don't find everywhere. But the best part is that they only sell one item per kind. A certain style may come in more than one color or more than one size (but most pieces usually don't have sizes). But once you have something in a certain size, style and color, you can be sure that nobody else can buy that from that branch. Hence, each piece is one of a kind. And the designs are pretty, too. That's why I super love that store. The fact that the stuff are really affordable is just a bonus!

So I went out of that store, happy with my first buy that afternoon. After that, I got a nice and simple purple top, a swim suit, and super short white shorts. (I transferred to Trinoma, by the way).

The Kappa Induction was still on-going, so I thought I have enough time to get myself a new pair of Havaianas. Or Dupe (which I think is a lot softer than Havs!). I headed to the All Flipflops outlet, hoping to use my 10% discount from my BDJ planner. Haha. But the ones I like don't come in my size, and the ones that do come in my size aren't comfortable or cute enough. So I went to Landmark instead. Still nothing.

It was already almost 6, and the ceremony was about to be over, so I decided to go back to UP. I then remembered I forgot to bring a bar of soap and that I haven't bought sunblock yet. But then I noticed something.

One paper bag less.

The first I got that day.

The one I liked the most.

I hurriedly went to the nearest cashier to pay for the sunblock and the soap. The lady was super slow and I almost volunteered to do the job for her. But I still have manners. Haha. Then I went back to the flipflops area in Landmark. To All Flipflops. To the stores I visited prior to going to All Flipflops. None. Nada. Zilch.

I went to the concierge and asked if they have a Lost and Found Section. The lady told me that they do. I then filled up a form and she reported it over the phone. She told me they'd just contact me if someone returns it.

It has been three days already. Nobody did.

And also because of that, I got really delayed and ended up taking a cab from Trinoma to Sta. Lucia. Goodbye P200. Since I hate being the cause of the delay, I told the seniors they could go ahead to the resort and I'll just take a cab all the way there. But they love me, so they waited :) Thank God the traffic wasn't that heavy.

The top itself cost a few bucks less than 600, so it's not really a big deal. The thing is that I cannot buy the same thing from that store again, since it doesn't come in sizes, and the only other color they have for that style is dark brown, which isn't as summery as torquoise. And there's no other stock. They only produce one of each kind, remember? The one I got was actually what the mannequin was wearing. She was half-naked when I left.

You know how much I love clothes. I know this is somewhat petty, but just imagine that you lost something you really like and you can relate to me.

Goodbye, love :'(

Good thing I had fun with the seniors that night :) And on the brighter side, at least it wasn't the paper bag containing my new bikini set that got lost/stolen. I would've had nothing to wear that night if that was what I lost.

***Since I used my credit card, and I put my copy of the receipt inside the paper bag, it has my name in it. HAYY MAGUILTY NA ANG HINDI NAGBALIK :( Tntry ko na lang isiping poor person ang nakakuha non at kailangang kailangan niya ng ganon for something. Hayy.

***For being careless (and wasting my parents' money), I punished myself by deleting one item from my list of things to buy (yes, though dad gave me my conscience as my limit--basically, unlimited--I'm still a good girl and I gave myself a quantity quota per kind) and by deducting a certain amount from the limit I set for the corporate clothes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
OH. M. G.

wala nga ako kamalaymalay nung unang lumabas na pala. after my super late lunch (buhay bum, buhay bum!), mga 4.30, bumalik ako sa kwarto ko para magpaka-bum further. and then i saw my good friend charles' text message, congratulating me.

just earlier this morning, me and my friend joy co were talking about it. she said she's more geared towards taking an MA in ateneo, while i said i'm 97% sure that i wanna explore life first. i just [rhea]lized in the past few days that there are soooo many things i wanna do and be. and if i go to law school straight ahead, i might not have a chance to do those things in the future anymore. i'm kinda afraid that law school might eat me up. although knowing me, i wouldn't let that happen. i love a balanced life too much to let that happen.

recently, i've been excited with the idea of working. my dad, seeing that i'm now more leaned towards working, even told my mom to go shop for corpo clothes with me. (haha segue, iba pa yan dun sa sinabi niya sakin kahapon na i could shop for other clothes with only my conscience as my limit! o diba, he trusts me. haha! whoot at marami pa ko bibilin bwahahaha). anyway, less than an hour ago, i was almost so sure that that's the plan.

right this very moment, my friend joy co and i are talking about it. like me, she passed unconditionally, too. meaning that we don't have to be interviewed anymore. plus to be fair naman sa amin, hindi naman ito tira-tira lang after matanggal ang mga pumasa at nagconfirm na sa UP Law. Kasi andito pa yung mga ibang LAE passers, like sina Arianne Cerezo.

LIFE TALAGA. mahilig mangonfuse! bakit kasi diba kung kelan set na set ka na for other things, bigla kang bibigyan ng iba. alam mo yun? it's one thing kasi na pumasa and may interview pa. baka yun tamarin na ko. pero iba to eh.

PERO MAY NAISIP AKO. kahit supermegakaduperEXAG nakakainis nga na lagi na lang ako ginugulo ng mga pangyayari (i.e. ang di ko pagpasa sa LAE at ito), narealize kong maganda siya in a way. kasi binibigyan ako ng buhay ng chance na magdecide talaga, na mag-isip talaga. diba? nung di ako natanggap sa dream school ko, marami akong narealize. at tulad ng sinabi ko, magandang opportunity yun for me para mapagisipan kung gusto ko ba talaga ang law.

Gusto ko nga ba? alam ko na yung sagot jan.

Oo. Gustong gusto ko. Pero, tulad nga ng sinabi kong [rhea]lization ko, there are just sooo many things i want to do and be. things other than being a lawyer. Because i don't want it to be my life. I just really want the title and the great things i can accomplish being one. Sabi ko nga, oo, willing akong magspend ng 4 more years for that for extra letters. Haha, one letter per year. tapos yung period sa Atty., pag pumasa na ko ng bar! hahaha!

So diba ayun, mejo may direksyon na buhay ko.

Pero hindi. Kung nung una, binigyan ako ng opportunity na mag-isip dahil nga di ako pumasa sa dream school ko (and thank God i've found the answer!), ngayon naman binibigyan ako ng opportunity na tumuloy pa rin. I mean, kasi kung di ako pumasa, parang left with no choice na talaga ako diba. Work na ito. Pero hindi. May option ako. So mejo hindi nanaman straight direksyon ko. Pero yun nga, i'd rather look at things as opportunities for contemplation.

Hay Lord. Thank you so much for Your blessings :) Please help me make the right decision. Whatever it will be, I know it will be a great one :)

PS. Well hindi ko pa ata nasabing masaya naman ako sa results :) Kahit confusing, masaya pa rin :) Sabi ko nga, di man ako tutuloy makita ko lang na may pinasahan naman ako at na may future pa rin ako sa law.