Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because psychsoc is family :)

It just feels good that even if we're now in graduate school, my ates in psychsoc still look after me. Some things just don't change. And that's very comforting. Simple things do mean a lot, sometimes :)

Since I can't stay put in Rockwell during exam week, today (or more appropriately, considering the time right now, yesterday) I went to Robinson's Ermita to study. Partly because I miss the place (high schooool!), and partly because many psych graduates are in PGH (UP College of Medicine). I stayed, I think, for around 12 hours :)) Which also means I spent more than two days' worth of allowance. Cafe/resto-hopping :))

But some things are just more important. Like being reminded of what you were like 5-9 years ago, and how you've changed or stayed the same. And like being in touch again with people who matter. And the good vibes you take home with you. Those things are just immeasurable.

*As I'm typing this right now, I'm palpitating BIG TIME. Exagg! Haha. Must be coffee overdose.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I don’t like studying in Rockwell during exam week. Especially a day before the exam itself. Or being around too many law students for that matter. You can just feel the tension in the air. When I’m studying for an exam, I cherish taking my time. I DO NOT WANT TO FEEL PRESSURED. I try to push myself, but that’s different, you see. So anyway… for me the ideal studying place is where barely anyone else is studying. It feels a lot more relaxing. Haha, besides, I feel more diligent that way. I know, I might then be bordering on overestimating my preparation, but psychological considerations are important, you know. The moment I feel I might not make it, I start FORGETTING everything. And that spells disaster.

So anyway, this entry is not really about my studying preferences. But it’s very much related to that.

So last Thursday, I decided to go to Greenbelt to study. I thought it would be perfect for me. About 95% of the people who hang out at the coffee shops there are not students. So perfect. Haha. And I was not disappointed. A note though: not all coffee shops there are conducive for studying. There are those cramped with too many chatty people, which is not good for someone who wants to study, either. Besides, when a coffee shop is jampacked, I feel uneasy staying. I feel compelled to keep on buying something, or to not stay for too long. But I found the perfect spot :D And for all intents and purposes, I was indeed able to study.

The real story I want to share here, though, started when I left the coffee shop, around 00:45am. And all of them happened in less than 5 minutes or so (except for the last).

Incident #1: Two drunk and very merry guys almost bumped into me
Incident #2: One seemingly happy woman made a motion, as if to slap me or something, only to stop midway and grin in a very mischievous manner. Haha, I thought that was a tad crazy!

Well I shouldn’t really be surprised. What can I expect? Greenbelt, afterall, is teeming with bars.

Oh and that’s not all.

Incident #3: After leaving the taxi stand, it was only then that the cab driver told me he’s going to charge me a fixed rate (which, by the way, is almost triple the actual cost of a cab ride from Greenbelt to Rockwell). YOU DO NOT argue with a cab driver if you’re alone at night. At least girls like me shouldn’t, unless equipped with kickass self-defense skills, which I’m not (hmmm… mental note: learn self-defense sometime!). Well, I did try to reason out a bit. I still paid a bit more than the actual cost, but at least I didn’t pay triple. I thought it was very unsafe to argue with him since I was alone, and it was past midnight. Life >>> property.
Incident #4: When I handed him the fare, he held my hand a few microseconds longer. Not really long enough because hello, that would have been stupid of me not to take my hand right away. But long enough to freak me out and make me feel something’s wrong. Good thing one of the helpers in the boarding house was still chatting with the guard so at least I felt safe. T_T

People with passion.

Those who have so much heart.
Be it for a Cause, a Dream, a Liking.
For the world, the nation, the family.
For peace. For friends. For oneself.
For being true.

I can’t help but admire these people. They just have this power to keep you believing. And loving.

You just know. They’re so full of love that you can feel it, even if they’re miles away from you. I’m grateful to have met some.

Some of those I know may even have conflicting views with each other. Or with me, even. But such differences are irrelevant. To me, heart is the measure, and they all fare well. Thank you.

I’m a silent, avid fan.

(Note: silent only applies to those people who I admire but am not really that close to, or those who don’t know me. Haha, those I’m close to and feel comfortable with enough to tell them I admire them know that already anyway. I make it a point to tell them :) )

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


on LV bags, snotty brand managers, and defending OFWs.

read the story here

i’ve always liked giselle sanchez for her wit and charm. and now i admire her even more.

trivia: did you know she graduated summa cum laude from up diliman? <3

Just an observation

While walking home from Starbucks a few minutes before midnight, I kept praying, "Lord sana wala yung mga pusa sa tapat ng door. Lord sana walang pusa. Please sana walang pusa."

Then I suddenly realized. "SHET, naglalakad ako maghahatinggabi na, kahit pa Rockwell area to, gabi pa rin for goodness' sake at mag-isa lang ako. At imbis na ipagdasal kong, 'Lord, sana walang mangyaring masama sakin,' talagang yung mga stray cats ang inisip ko."

=)) then I just laughed at myself.

tsktsk. ramos, priorities mo!

--> those cats really freak me out. they're in a band, aggravating circumstance yon! haha. there are four of them and they're fat and stubborn and they're blocking my way :|

Friday, January 15, 2010

Acquired taste

Non-diet-related rhealizations from my diet breakfast meal:

A bit of this


plus a few spoons of this

and one serving of this


= my current breakfast staple.

When I started going on a diet about a month ago, I loathed this. To me, the cereals were bland. The oranges--- i love them. The fact though that now I'm limiting myself to one serving is sadomasochistic. Haha, I used to eat about two or three before because they're just too yummy. I was used to eating heartily and not having to worry about gaining weight. So when I started limiting my food choices and intake, it was a struggle indeed.

Anyway, I used to do it just because I felt forced. But now, I'm actually enjoying my breakfast staple meal. And though I'm still having it because I want to maintain my diet, I'm also doing so because I actually love it.

During the last few weeks of 2009, I was quite... hmm, I don't know. I can't find the perfect adjective. But there were a lot of things I was unsure of. Myself, among others. Then I started to make a deal with myself. For a different reason, which, I think is actually pretty childish. But then as the days go by, I found myself actually enjoying what I'm doing. And later on, I was already doing it not because of the former petty reason I did it for, but for something else, something better.

There's this adage in psych that goes: do the motion and later on, you'll feel the emotion.

Starting is always the hardest part. But while you're already at it, you might find out that what you used to loathe may be one of the best things that could actually happen to you. And I'm no longer talking about breakfast ;)

Aviation fuel.

Much needed.

Obligations & Contracts exam on monday - 5 effin’ units!!! I’ve read the book twice, read the codal provisions over and over (though I really haven't started actually memorizing anything), and still, when i answered one of the sample exams, i felt lost. Well, not really lost. I somehow knew what to answer, but I just couldn’t pinpoint the specific legal provisions to justify my answer. And sometimes, I just don’t know how to properly assess the case XD MUST. NOT. FAIL. MUST. EXCEL. MUST. READ. MORE.

Theology & Social Teachings of the Church on tuesday.

Constitutional Law (Bill of Rights) on Friday.

Criminal Law II two mondays from now.

Legal Technique two wednesdays from now.

Legal Writing two saturdays from now.

Back in college, I wouldn’t be panicking at this time. Haha. I usually study three days before—at the most :)) But here in law school, nothing is ever enough! Ever!

But one of my favorite professors last semester, Atty. Mario Bautista, one of the best litigants in the country at present, taught us more than just the subject matter he ought to taught us (criminal law I). Haha, actually, he really barely taught us the law, said we ought to learn the law on our own. But he did teach us about being a good lawyer. About what happens in practice. And best of all, he inspired us to dream. And he taught us this beautiful concept of aviation fuel.


Whatever you may be busy with right now, I hope you, too, would find where to get your own dose of aviation fuel :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yaaaay for todaaaay :)

(Or yesterday, more appropriately)

I. I finally got my college diploma <3

II. I got to do a number of things during my short visit to Diliman:
1. I got to talk to the following people, individually :D

a. Bea Alfonso, who's one of the girls in my home org who has been dear to me ever since :) I'm really happy for you---you've finally made up your mind that you really want to go to med school and im so excited for what's in store for you. And yes, you're right: don't dismiss Ateneo just because they're new. Jesuit education is precious <3 Love you lilsis!

b. Edison Balagtas, one of my close psychs/psychsoc batchmates who I haven't had a face-to-face conversation with for a long time. I'm also happy for you that you decided to go to law school :)Just don't persuade Marge to NOT consider Ateneo Law. You're biased :P And though I might be biased, too, because I'm in Ateneo Law now, the difference is that I'm also from UP (and you know how much I love being UP). But Ateneo, really, is a very good choice. You might want to consider it, too ;)

c. Paolo Ong, I'm happy we finally got to talk again! I missed our very random conversations before. And, thank you for reminding me about the blue marlin in chinatown. Haha. I missed that and I'm happy I had that for lunch kanina :))

2. I got to visit UP LAW!
-Thanks to Carla Badi and Faye Celso for the "tour" :)) Even if I've been there before anyways hahaha. I'm just happy I got to see you two!
-Charles Icasiano! Upload our pictures, ok? Haha, and thank you! For the brotherly advice and brotherly love sans being overprotective and for being supportive about many things(HAHAHAHA shhhh).

3. I got to walk around the campus again. Well, not really around the entire campus :)) BUT, I like walking in Diliman. At least I got to do a bit of that today :)

4. I also got to drop by the YFC and the PsychSoc tambayans <3

III. Our theo group meeting was finished by 6pm as scheduled. Yay for efficiency!

IV. Another barkada dinner at mongkok. I really love that chinese resto. Great food at suuuuper affordable prices! Today I had vegetable meat pao and it's really good. Plus my favorite custard roll. But the best part of the dinner: laughtrip moments with Dors, Estelle, and Dianna :D

V. Dors and I saw our balikbayan grade school batchmate Camille Corcuera in Powerplant. Aaaand. We'll see her again this Friday when we go out one last time before Camz leaves again for Canada :)

VI. I feel productive :) I'm almost done with my first reviewer for oblicon :D Tomorrow ko na sisimulan ang consti :D

So there. Yay for today and for the next days to come :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

I really have no realization to share in this entry.


Warning: this is just a rant and rave post more appropriate for my tumblr buuuuut. I just missed this blog so much :)) Dont bother reading unless you like me that much to waste time reading nonsensical stuff.

Anywayyyy. I still dont get it why i cannot access gmail and blogger at home (in laguna). So yeah. Frustrating, much. Sooo as you can see, my last post here was on my birthday, which was also the last day I was here in makati.


(For my traditional January 1 goal-setting post, I just posted it at my todayinhisto-rhee blog).

About today:
Got called in both classes!

About this week:
monday - law school barkada dinner for the first night of law school in 2010 :D
tuesday - i'll be in up diliman to get my diploma. am really looking forward to see old, familiar faces :) updaaaaate me!
wednesday - dinner with psychsoc seniors of 2009 :D
thursday - tahilan w/ diana?
friday - high school barkada reunion!!! at long last!!!

AND YES. I'M GOING TO START REVIEWING FOR MIDTERMS THIS WEEK. Haha, kumusta naman sa mga lakad :)) Pero yes, I shall. I must. I will. (I hope HAHA).