Monday, July 9, 2007

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

-lifted from Semisonic's Closing Time :)

It has been a week and two days since I packed my bags and left Chesca’s apartment where I boarded for more than a year. Despite our lack of time for each other, Chesca remains as one of my true-blue friends. I swear, pwede nang pang Johnson & Johnson’s commercial yung moment nung paalis na ko sa 122B Matahimik!

About an hour before I left:

Chesca: Sandali lang ha. Maliligo lang ako. Sandali lang talaga. Wag ka muna mawawala.

Me: Sige lang.

As she went upstairs to take a quick bath, I remained standing amidst my stuff and held back tears as our memories together flashed… There weren’t too many. Nonetheless, those memories are dear to me. I told myself, “ireserve na lang yang iyakan mamaya, ha?”

The moment.

My parents finally arrived to fetch me. Sadly, I can’t vividly put the moment to words. But it was really a touching one: when I saw tears welling up Chesca’s eyes, when we hugged and said goodbye, when she helped me load my stuff, when we were both crying and crying, when I finally left…

Ain’t that sweet?

I remember how excited we both were when we transferred to the apartment. We made plans of going out, of camwhoring, of having regular sharing sessions… Actually, we never got to do those. Well, at least not regularly. We do go to PsychSoc night events together, we did have a camwhoring session one night, and we had spontaneous sharing sessions by the stairs..


I remember coming home one night and crying hard. You were there to listen and comfort me. I remember the times when I go home past 12 after studying at Katips without a key to the gate or without enough force to open the door. You came down to let me in. I remember the spontaneous rantings and the quintessential making-each-other-feel-good. I remember our stairs-moments.

I remember a year of staying under one roof with a dear friend.
Thank you, Chesca.

Of course, I’ll miss my three room mates as well. Ate Dyan, Ate Em, and Ate Faith, thank you for putting up with my over-perkiness, with my random 1-hour rants, with my helplessness, with my 20-30-minute baths, with my messy bed… Thank you for being the unwitting recipients of my life stories. Hehe.. Hmp, I know namimiss niyo na ko ngayon jan! Hahahaha! Thank you for always reminding me: “Rhea, hindi ka na bata!” I know somehow you’ll be proud of me when you see how I keep my new place. I’m growing up, yes. Thank you. Promise, I really learned A LOT from the three of you. And hey, we’re still going out, right? Di pa natutuloy eh…


I just feel so loved by the people around me. J Ain’t I one lucky girl? J


“I’m Rhealeth Ramos. I don’t mop floors.”

Boy, that was only the beginning. Curious? I’ll write more about it and my “transformation” since I moved in to my unit in Katipunan some other time.

The line I used as the title of this entry is just so apt, don’t you think?


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