Thursday, May 14, 2009

Define malabo.

Pag 'nanjan, inaayawan mo.
Pag wala, hinahanap mo.

Gusto mong pakawalan.
Hindi mo kaya.

Gusto mong mag-isip.
Pero pagod ka na.

Malabo ka


I guess I need to really divert my attention to other things first. Keep myself busy. Be happy.

Early last week, at the peak of my confusion, all I wanted was to stay at home and be alone. Rant to friends. Sleep. Think. And think some more. But it's already been over a week, and I've done just that. I've thought of so many explanations, so many reasons...

I know the pros and I know the cons. But I can't seem to give weight to each for me to actually get to pit one decision against another.

All there's left to do is to DECIDE. And it's not in my capacity to do so. At least not at the moment.

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