Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas spirit, where art thou?

Paramdam ka na, ha? :) Right now, I'm drowning in acads-related stuff. Not that I'm complaining because I actually like what we study. But DECEMBER IS MY FAVORITE MONTH. At the very least, even if I can't party as much, I want to feel the Christmas spirit naman! That warm, fuzzy, super feel-good feeling. Which I don't really feel right now. Maybe next week. Hopefully, at the very latest, early next week!


I'll be turning 21 in a week and I still haven't shopped!
On the brighter side of things, I'm finally shedding unwanted fats :D

It's Christmas two weeks from now and I still haven't bought a single gift!!!!!
And I think I kinda overspent haha. How in the world will I buy gifts now? :))

Next week = PARTY EVERYDAY. One Christmas party for every prof. Kumusta naman yon diba. Hahaha!


I'm still 7 cases away from reaching my quota for our Consti class tomorrow (22 cases). And though I'm done reading for Crim, I haven't memorized the articles yet :o

Lord, gusto ko na po ng stellar recit :) Thank You! :)

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