Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I just want to say...

...that I have sucha wonderful roommate <3

Very few know my true feelings about a lot of things. It's quite easy to open up. In fact, I share a lot about myself, my life. But for most people, I share very limited things, filtered versions. Not exactly lies, just not the entire story. I guess it can be somehow likened to a horcrux. Different people know different things about me.

It only occurred to me today in histo-rhee--*gasp* I'm apparently a very reserved person. Despite the fact that I explain myself too much and that I rant and rave a lot, I just realized that only a few people, maybe less than 5, really knows me well enough.

And all along I thought my life is almost like an open book. It's only today that I rhealized... I have actually been hiding in a shell.

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