Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Concert After-thoughts, Rheality Bites, and a Snapshot

Concert pictures (and concert kwentos) are at my multiply->

I wanted to put some here, but i really don't have much time. So those in my multi should suffice.

The preparations, countless (long) meetings, and sleepless nights--- i won't forget those. And most especially, i'll always remember the people i got to work with (even on christmas break!) and the lessons i have learned. I've committed a number of mistakes yet the team remained a team. We were at each other's backs. And best of all, we worked because we have an advocacy: to do what we can for the Philippines. I still can't get over the fact that it's finally over. But hey, that concert was just some sort of a "kick off" for the other activities ahead. It's not even a week and i already miss the team! :) Well, we're just resting. We'll start working pretty soon, i guess.


I got to shop again last night! ^___^ Got a new white mini from Bayo, a pair of denim pumps from Suki and a nice pale yellow graphic tee from People are People.

When we got home though, i got to watch the Correspondents for a short while. You know why it got my attention? They were featuring people living in karitons. One family even gets drinking water from a canal. That was really disturbing. They live in a cart! And they don't even own that cart. :( Then it hit me. I had goosebumps and i was reminded of why GK means so much to me- and why i need to sacrifice time, money, and effort for our projects. Because there are still so many people out there without a home.

...And then i felt a pang. I spend a good amount of my father's money on material things. My new and bigger closet is now almost full. And yet i still feel i don't have anything to wear, thus the urge to ask my dad for shopping money. I do have rationalizations, though. Actually, more like justifications on why it's ok to spend money on shopping while there are people who don't even get to eat three times a day. Rheality bites: no matter how much you give, the problem is still bigger. But then again, here's another rhea-lization: no matter how big the problem is, there is a solution. And well, i do work for Gawad Kalinga, right?

I know i'm still young. My ideals may still be kind of twisted. Actually, i don't know. But for the meantime, let me grow. Let me rhea-lize the things i have to realize. Let me learn. And let me live. :)


December 18, 2006. With the woman who almost died 18 years ago, just because of me.
Isn't she beautiful?

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