Thursday, January 11, 2007

Newfound Meanings

I used to think that letting go is a sign of weakness.

But now i know true strength lies in knowing when to break free, and fall gracefully.

Friendship isn't about changing the person, it's about loving the person and accepting him or her for who he or she is. Perhaps you can help him or her improve for the better, but acceptance is key.

Service isn't about the big things. It also includes the dirty nitty gritty stuff- the ones without the glory that the big ones can give you. Because service is in part sacrifice, and that's how things should be.

A team is a team when the members understand each other and have each other's back.

Finally, keeping one's word is of utmost importance.


I never thought i'll reach the point when i can really do this. I mean, it's personal so i'm not going to give any more details than what i think i can give. I thought my emotions will always get the best of me. But no, i've kept my word.

Before you "love" anyone, love yourself first. It's in understanding your self's worth. I guess when i finally realized that... when i finally really loved myself... that's when i realized that holding on isn't really the best and courageous decision.

Imagine this: you kept holding on to a branch of a tree, thinking that if you let go you'll fall off the cliff, only to find out after such a long time that the ground...

is just two feet below you.

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