Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Year, New Blog

To a year of self-love :)

Ok, i hope you don't get me wrong. self-love is not selfishness. i just realized that i got to learn how to love myself more. if we're close, i suppose you know what i mean. see, i've been through a number of heartbreaks and all those teenage angst and bitterness. and now's a good start to be all-bright-and-sunny again :)


On to other things...

* i failed to register. :c hence i can't vote. BOO. so much for being a good citizen. yeah, there still are other ways and it doesn't mean i'm suddenly a useless citizen who doesn't give a damn about the country. i can't say that it's only just one vote, either. last time, around 4 million youth failed to vote. and hey, that's a big number if you ask me.

* don't have plans yet for the night of january 12? then go to the What's UP Doc? Heroes on Call : The Step UP Concert. it's a concert/party for the benefit of the UP Iskolar ng Bayan GK Village. the concert is just part of our semester-long campaign for Advocacy and Action. for that night specifically, we would like to encourage would-be doctors to stay in the philippines. <3>

* i'll be back to school tomorrow. oh yeah. :) well, it's not like i'm dying to go back 'cause i've grown in love with my bed and my books and i would really appreciate having a longer break. but i do miss the people and i'm quite excited for the upcoming activities. so there...

* i wonder if i'll finally keep this one forever. well not forever forever, but you get what i mean. i've started blogging since i was in 2nd year high school. and i've had so many blogs since then, i actually lost count. (or rather, i'm just way too lazy now to count. but you get the point).

*i feel like so much will happen this year. for that one aspect of my life. hahaha *winkwink*. oh well, it's best not to assume. i'm better off expecting some people to forget.


And i guess i'll let you in... <3

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