Friday, January 5, 2007

so this is what growing older is like?

be- trying to be so many things in so little time
see- trying to see why i can't "protect" myself from myself. whoah. i'm spreading myself way too thinly.


so- so busy. i don't mean to be so hard to talk to.
rhee- isn't busy already rhee's (my) second name? this busy state is so rhee, so me.

and i'm sorry- if i always seem to have no time for you.

I've been confident of my plans for the future: i'll be a good lawyer but that won't be my main source of living. why? because i want law not for money but for the honor, prestige, and the all-together-good-feeling you get after just having "saved" someone. (For those of you who are confused, i want to be a criminal/family lawyer). Other than that, i plan to have my own clothing line. It would also be nice to be a columnist or something like that. Plus, i'd also like to be a psychological researcher (with my researches focused on topics i can use for my practice in law). When i imagine, it doesn't seem that hard. But now that i'm experiencing how it is like to have so many "commitments," i'm starting to think: will my life be like this for the years to come? always be-see, perpetually so-rhee.


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