Thursday, February 1, 2007

Happy Days

I've been happy these past few days. :) Life's good, generally. Despite my busy sched juggling acads, org responsibilities, and family and social life, i'm feeling good. :)

I suppose sticking with my previous decisions and my general resolution of "to a year of self love" has a lot to do with my current happy state.

January has been a very eventful month for me. eventful in the sense that i found out a lot of shocking revelations and eventful in the sense that a number of things happened. and hey, it was only the start of the year. the thought makes me excited of the other months to come.

I'm loving life right now. My February's jampacked and i'll be having a lot of semi-sleepless nights (because really, i cannot not sleep)due to all the concerts and parties i just have to go to, the GK events lined up, plus the thing called Acads that i have to attend to- exams, a debate on UP's tuition and other fees increase, and lots of paper work for my major subject in Psych. And yet i know if i just do things calmly, one at a time and with faith in God, i can make it through.

That's all for now. Still need to get back to work.

Smile, y'all =)

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