Friday, February 2, 2007


So many thoughts, yet it seems like i can't string anything together.

I wasn't able to write any RRL for 115. guess why? darn. i feel so dumb not to be able to write something coherent. i hate it when i can't write for research. because for one thing, i've been doing research since my sophomore year in manila science. and that makes me feel more pathetic for doing such crappy papers. (well, at least in my standards.)


It's cold. burrrr. and as the wind chills my insides, seeping through my thick jacket, i feel like i just want to turn back time- those years when i would barge into my grandma's kitchen and feel the warmth of what she's cooking, or those times when my parents would take me and my brother to somewhere nice and sunny.


Anyhow, here's a snippet of rhea-lization:
"God loves you. That's the sweetest thing about February... and about all the other months." -me

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