Saturday, February 17, 2007

loving this busy month

click. and capture the good times. here are some pictures from february 9 and 10. more at my multiply. ^_^

Smiling emo kids :)

No longer the puyat team! chesca sumilang, faith moral, irina rey, and me.

Feb. 10, '07. Jam, Duh-vid, Me, Pochoy of Dicta License. PsychSoc Bar Concert.

FOREplay: The Heat is On. PsychSoc's Bar Concert in line with this year's theme, On the FORE at 54. Happy 54th anniversary, PsychSoc!

me, Stonefree's vocalist (!!!woohoo), and my household partner jamo.
Feb. 9, '07. YFC's Battle of the Bands and Mini-Concert.

>came home late from mimah's debut last night. i love you girl! :)
>the mock debate went well. but as for the presentation of our proposal in 115, i felt like i screwed up. nonetheless, i was able to answer the questions thrown afterwards, so it wasn't that bad.
>the real debate will be on tuesday, feb.20, 8:30-11:30am at clar m. recto hall. i really should be polishing my speech now but i guess i'm just way too lazy.
>currently listening to snowmagnet's third indie album. :) i do wish that these guys would finally be in the mainstream. they're good. :)
>about TOFI, i will be posting my speech here after the debate. and perhaps i'll include my teammates' speeches as well.
>i miss my kuya daryl! i hope you're back in manila in time for your birthday so we can go to the beach!!! you promised!
>another concert to go to on the 23rd! :) my fourth for this month, if ever. haha :)
>i hate the fact that my GWA was miscalculated. hence, i'll be missing the ceremony for the College and University scholars. hmp. MUST FIX THAT ASAP. tsktsktsk.
>by the way, went to studio 8 in abs-cbn for Blog. kuya eric and kuya ian promoted the 1MB event on february 25. :) i'd like to invite you all to build with us on the 25th! this will be a simultaneous worldwide event, since we also have gawad kalinga villages in other countries.

so far, i'm loving 2007. january was generally a good month for me. as well as february. :) [geez, sorry if i seem to be abusing the smilies. it's just that i'm really happy.] and for all of these, i would like to acknowledge God's work in my life. sometimes, i do feel like i'm being a hypocrite. i'm a YFC and yet i tend to be a brat. also, i feel like i'm not really serving in the true essence of serving. and sometimes i feel like my actions just don't reflect the actions of a true Christian. so i'd like to thank my brothers and sisters in YFC for giving me the spiritual advice. i love you all :)


yo! said...

waw. miro. <3 daan lang. :)

cinnamon said...

ano yung miro? hehehe..

yo! said...

miro valera. vocalist ng stonefree. <3

cinnamon said...

^oh. haha. syempre hindi ko kilala eh no. pero may picture. haha.. matagal ko na naririnig stonefree, pero never ko pa sila nakita magperform live. haha.. tapos astig nga si miro :D

Anonymous said...

ok that's fine, i just made even more new emo backgrounds in my blog

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