Sunday, February 11, 2007

Last week, I lost...

-hours and hours of sleep due to the demands of acads and due to the big magnet that is going to events.

-my trust in people who come my way. not because i'm now suddenly cynical but because i realized that before i can really love anyone or commit to anything, i should learn to really love myself first.

-my dislike for alcoholic drinks because at psychsoc's bar concert, i actually drank. well, it's not like i'm now into alcohol because hey, we actually want to do away with it in yfc. but juno and david made me drink something (kalua? i really don't know how it's spelled because as i've said, i really don't like the taste of anything alcoholic) and i loved it! :)

-the case of my camera. geez. i'll prolly be scolded when dad finds out. that costs around P850 to P1000+, i think. not that it's sucha big deal. (well, at least i didn't lose the cam, right?). thing is, dad might not let me bring the cam anymore, thinking that if i can't keep a not-so-important thing such as the case, i might lose the cam next time. geez. i tried looking for a case that resembles that one. unfortunately, i suppose it was specifically for my cam model.

-a very important possession: the ring with the tiffany-cut diamond that my mom gave me on my 17th birthday. more than the fact that it has a tiffany-cut diamond and how it looks so good on my finger, it has a sentimental value. it was given to me on the last birthday that papa was still alive. (papa's my mom's dad). that ring was papa's new year's gift to mom way back in 1988- yes, the last new year that she was single and the new year before my birthday. i've been planning to give it someday to my would be son/daughter, or to my niece/nephew just in case i don't get married (haha!). and now it's gone. i'm still in denial that i lost it for good. i hope i can still find it.


On the other side of the coin:

so maybe i lost some things but here's a rhea-lization: when you lose, that's when you start to seek, and when you seek, that's when you find- maybe not what you're looking for, but something that will make you smile, at the least.


Anonymous said...

baka kahlua. haha. loko yung mga yun ah. anywho... can't wait to here more from you. :) - tins

cinnamon said...

^oo, kahlua nga. hehe.. :)

tiiiiiiiins. wolo lang. :))

miss na kitaaaaa. oo, as if naman hindi pa tayo nagakkasawaan sa 115. hehehe.. pero still! :p

yo! said...

but according to someone, well you'll never find it if you're looking for it. ahaha. guess who. :P but then again, baka naman sa pag-ibig lang applicable yun. :P

cinnamon said...

^well, hehehe.. :)