Monday, March 19, 2007

because if i don't speak up, (and i won't speak up), i will never know.


for more vague statements. haha


you'd wonder how in the world i get to blog when i've got loads to do.

well, i was wondering, too.

and alas i found the answer, amidst my aching back and numb fingers and my already-hot laptop.

i crave for variety. i cannot be stuck with the same thing for so long. example: i am very much interested with my 148 research topic. and yet i can only type my review up to so and so number of minutes/hours. i'm constantly on my toes. moving to the pc to reconnect to the world, or going downstairs to have "live conversations" with my family. i can't stay focused on just one thing. well, i can. but i have a treshold.

i crave for variety. that's why perhaps i'll always be jumping from one place to another. i feel a need to have different groups that intertwine as less often as possible. i'm a different person in each. well, almost. i'm basically the same, plus/minus some things.

i crave for variety.

is it good or is it bad?


i noticed that i'm not the only one slacking off. misery loves company? haha.. nah.. perhaps it just goes to show that indeed, we need to slow down once in a while. even if it's finals week, just because it's when we felt the need. :)

it only struck me earlier through kat's lj entry that i only have a few days left as a sophie. wala lang.

but hey, i'm workingon school-related things. it's just that i feel i'm not giving the effort i should be giving.

1.48 gwa, kaya kaya?

1.48 or not 1.48, i'd still be happy (as long as i'm still a CS. haha). why? well, i must say that this semester has been the most interesting so far. :)

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kaleid0 said...

hi ate rhea! :) grabe, pareho tayo. madali din akong magsawa kapag may ginagawa akong something. tinatamad na ako after some time. tsk. hehe. :P

God bless po! :)