Saturday, March 24, 2007

end of sem, when are you?

one week left. just one more week.


on second thought, do i really want the sem to end?

come to think of it, this'll be the first time i'll be away from UP for two months. two months! hey, that's long. sembreak nga lang namimiss ko na UP. haha

i do want to rest. i guess i'm just going to miss the place. oh yeah, and the people. :)


aaargh. i wish i'm taking summer classes.
(yes, you can now officially call me a workaholic but damn, i'm going to miss UP!)

i feel like i'm going to miss a lot. i mean, hey, if so much can happen in a week, what more in eight?

kumusta, huli nanaman ako lalo sa mga balita. haha..


too many questions for the next days/months/years to come.

i say, what the?! stop thinking and just live each day. :)


tonight is my dear friend hanna's 18th birthday party, as well the last event for the YFC Campus-based before it changes in structure.

and yet, where am i again?

at home.


to do stuff.

and have i accomplished any?

next question please.


i'm still on my toes. is that good or bad? again, whatever. at least i'm happy. :)


kaleid0 said...

aw.. sipag! adik ka na sa pag-aaral, ate. hehe. :) pahinga ka muna for two months. :)


cinnamon said...


uuuy, ate na rin si bea next year ;)