Tuesday, March 13, 2007


we all deserve to be happy.

i'm happy.

not happy in the sense that i'm free of worries. but nonetheless i'm happy. :)


and yes, this time i'm no longer bittersweet. :) it feels better now.


everything feels better now.

i'm re-acquainting myself to Him. and yes, i can say that i'm growing more in love with Christ now. sometimes, i would smile to myself just because. truth be told, most of the time i would drag myself to read the Bible religiously each morning. but now it's one of the things i really look forward to. it's refreshing, soul satisfying, simply amazing. no longer is it something i felt i'm obliged to do as a good Christian. instead it has now become an essential part of my mornings, a source of strength, a reminder of His laws and of His sweet love as well.

Light. I feel like i'm much lighter now. For He has been my light.


but this happiness is only a small fraction of the wholeness of what is to come.

and that makes things more exciting, don't you think? ;)


i can be happier.

i will be happier.

but now i'm happy.

i'll always be just happy.


because i know that there's always room for more happiness.


who are we to know the vast greatness of His love? ;)


>>>salamat ng marami sa mga taong nagpapasaya sakin ngayon. lalo na sa psychsoc :) haha, alam niyo na yan. kumusta naman sa unwitting recipients ng mga ka-sentihan ko? haha.. :) salamat sa mga taong nandyan. salamat :) mahal ko kayo. :)


p h i a said...

been here! naks! :D

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J for Jamaica S. said...

ilovejam was here. hehe :-)

cinnamon said...

hehe! hoy jamaica! :D