Sunday, March 4, 2007

I Want to Dance Again

I miss the stage.

I miss the rhythm.

I miss the beats.

I miss the steps.

I miss the passion.

I haven't danced for a long time. I don't even know if i can still dance. But i wanna dance again. It used to be one of the ways through which i release some of my energy. It also gave me a sense of fulfillment.

Do you know how long it was since i last danced? Last year.

I remember having to wake up early in the morning for my 7am class in social dance. I can totally do without the 7am part, but the dancing part? It more than compensated for the headaches.

When i was younger, i used to do modern dances and sometimes, cheer dances. My mom offerred me ballet, but believe it or not, i used to be shy! So i declined. I used to do a lot of other dances- interpretative, social, street, folk, jazz and even cheerdance. If i only have the time, i'd join a dance group in UP. unfortunately, i do not have that luxury. well, unless i give up my other commitments- something i don't intend to do. i wish i can buy myself more time so i can dance to my heart's content. but we all know that even the richest man alive can't buy time.

I have to admit though- i'm afraid to dance again. It has been sucha long time. i'm worried that if i give it a shot again, my moves would look awkward. i'm worried that the rhythm and beat i once had in me might now be gone.

One thing i'm sure of: i wanna dance hard- like nobody's watching. a number of things are running on my mind and i want to get those things out of my system lest they consume me. When i dance, i feel good about myself. i want to feel that again. perhaps i have set such high standards for myself and have not really done much to achieve them- as if i'm often caught out of beat.

Call me shallow, but i miss the attention i get when i perform. and hey, don't get me wrong. i am getting sufficient attention these days, thankyouverymuch. but it's different when i'm performing on stage, executing well-practiced moves and just riding with the beat, feeling the spirit...

It's time to dance again.

It's time to wake up from my slumber

and dance the Dance again.

(take note of the capital D and read between the lines. ;) it's not just about "dance" as defined in the dictionary. ;) i'll say no more.)

I still have the passion, though it's now directed to other things.

I'll be doing new "steps," if you get what i mean.

The beat is still within me, and i'll live each day with it.

The rhythm of the times is calling, though i have yet to determine whether i should "choreograph" ways to correct things while going with it or if i should defy it altogether.

My stage is bigger now. The challenge is up.

I'm gonna Dance again.

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