Monday, July 30, 2007

For Sir David

After finishing my Bio11, which I took a year earlier than I was required to, I was so excited to be part of your class. But then I was told that Psych 160 (Biopsychology/Neuro) is only offered to seniors. I was somehow disappointed because I was hearing news about your retirement. That was last year. But then, people say that you keep saying you’d retire, but you were never really able to leave the department. Just yet.

Now I’m on my junior year--- just two semesters away from taking one of the classes I’m most interested to take; two semesters away from being a student of the Dr. F.G. David. I’ve heard so much about you: your impeccable way of handling a class, your quotable quotes, your expertise, your greatness. I always thought I would like to have that “groovy lolo” for a professor. We never had any real encounters, actually. Now I regret not having gone to your room when I was still a PsychSoc applicant to get your signature as an alumnus of the organization. But I do remember your tender smiles each time I see you along the halls of PHAn. I’ve always been excited to study the human brain and be trained by you. But now all I have are the fond memories of your smiles and the stories told by your former students.

Though envy is a sin, I somehow envy the lucky psych majors who can proudly say that they were once students of the great F.G. David. I’ll never be able to say that.

I have never been your student and yet thinking about your death saddens me and brings tears to my eyes. Though I didn’t have the chance to be mentored by you, you have already left a mark on my heart.

Goodbye and thank you, Sir.

Advance happy birthday (aug1) as well...

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