Wednesday, July 18, 2007

still a long way to go

i always thought i was ready to commit.

things are really easier imagined than done.

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Azure Phoenix said...

True, its easier to conceive something than bring it to, uh, rhealization (hehe).

BUT, its also imminently better to take stock of ourselves whether we are ready to enter into a commitment - ANY commitment - or not. Because, as I'm sure you know already, committing to something entails giving something of ourselves, that we cease to exist merely for our own but for whatever and/or whoever we commit to.

Finally, Little Sister, I leave you something to add to your equations: the Paradox of Commitment: it sets you free.

Because when you commit - to a person, to a cause, to an org, to an Action - you depart from the realm of being subject to the caprice of chance and move into that situation where everything is dictated in relation to the commitment.

You now have a point of reference, and are thereby free to act, knowing that each action, each decision, can be measured by its effects on your commitment.

PS: if it means anything, I was proud too about the stuff you were able to do in the last post ^_^ We're Ramoses. We can do ANYTHING. Phear us.