Monday, October 22, 2007

Thoughts about the Zodiac

"This is the Zodiac speaking. I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal of all to kill..."

Based on the true story of America's most notorious serial killer, Zodiac is a definite must-see for all thrill-seekers, puzzle-lovers, and aspiring detectives. A word of caution though: this is a morbid movie. Do not watch if you have heart problems or if there are kids around.

What really piqued my interest in this movie was the fact that it poses challenging questions to psychology about man and his desires. This may not really be apparent since the whole focus of the movie was about the mystery surrounding the man who sends letters and ciphers to newspapers after every crime he commits. It was found that the Zodiac may have been inspired by a movie, The Most Dangerous Game, from which he got the idea of hunting humans since humans are "the most dangerous animal" of all. One of the first things that came to mind while watching the film was that this man, whoever he is (or was), is (was) in need of some serious psychological help.

One of the major suspects (and this is now based on some research that i did :p) was once diagnosed by a psychologist of having the "inability to control self-gratification." Could man really go so low as to find gratification in killing people? I am of the opinion that this man really had psychological problems.

The Zodiac, until now, has not been identified. After his first victims like the teenage couple inside a car and the lone couple by the lake, some had the idea that he is a sexual sadist. In one of his letters he threatened to continue killing "lone people in the night." Hence a curfew was implemented in some towns. This guy definitely has/had a sad, sad life. The prime suspect has long been dead... And for all we know, he might still be out there. He no longer sends letters and ciphers. He's unheard of. Maybe he's dead. Maybe.

I just found out that the book by Robert Graysmith, whose bestselling work became the basis of the movie, had many inaccuracies and received a lot of criticisms. If you want to get your own dose of the Zodiac mania, you can either:

1. watch the movie the book the reviews

4.visit the following sites: your own research

or all of the things i recommended above.


His handwriting is very much like that of yours, buddy allen! :P really. look!;) and you share the same name as the primed suspect. haha! buddy peace tayo! i know you like movies like this one. if you haven't watched/read it yet,i highly recommend it :)


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