Wednesday, October 24, 2007

cookies, doors, and other simple things

I've been spending most of my time at home this sem break. I missed home. For the last three weeks of the semester, i barely got to savor each moment without worrying at the back of my mind about other things.

Now i get to rest, to just ask our househelper for just about everything i need, to ponder upon things, to relax... Ahh i love :)

It's sweet how i know have time to enjoy the little things... alone, that is :) You see, i'm alone here most of the time, with only our househelper with us. Not that i don't miss my boyfriend. I love him and i do miss him soooo much. But i find happiness in finding happiness in my solitude- even after being used to a guy's semi-perennial presence. You follow?

I especially enjoyed the Murray Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookies :)
Yumyum! And it has cinnamon, baby :) So anyway, i [rhea]lized that i still haven't lost it. I mean, my penchant for simple things. 'Cause despite the high ambitions and all that jazz, the little girl will always be within me.

[rhea]lity: this is, by the way, the door to my room
[rhea]l issue: and if only it could talk, it cold give you detailed stories
about my past frustrations, excitements, heartbreaks,
and so much more.
[rhea]lization: doors don't have just a single purpose. it may lead you in.
it may lead you out. it could also connote possibilities. but
mostly i think doors presume the idea of exclusivity.
you can choose who you want to let in. just remember to
be careful ;) in this age of technology, we might be giving
up a greater amount of privacy than what we should
actually be allowing.

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