Wednesday, December 5, 2007

alpha tendencies

You Have Many Alpha Tendencies

You're not a total alpha female, but you certainly know how to - and like to - get your way.
You're forceful without being intimidating. You're confident without being vain. A perfect mix.

whoah. so i haven't posted in a month. and no, i didn't wake up early today. i haven't slept yet.

118 is love, though! :) 118, for those who are not from the up diliman department of psychology, is a field methods class.

anyway, i'm so excited about our topic! it's about heterosexual relationships wherein the female is more dominant than the male. i wouldn't want to go and explain everything here until we pass it next year. but it's exciting. haha.. and you know where we got that idea? well, we're like that. hahaha! :D

so anyway, inasmuch as i frown at pop psych quizzes (doy, they don't really measure your personality accurately! talk about barnum!), i decided to take the quiz just for fun since it's sort of related to our topic.

and that's all for now.

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