Sunday, December 16, 2007

gimme more!

i still have two books waiting to be read, the ones i got during the sem break. rachel cohn's shrimp (a chic lit) and michael, the tiny dot, which looks like a children's book but promising, nonetheless.

as it is, i've only started reading about 6 chapters of shrimp and i kept putting it down to do other things. but even if i still have other reads, i wanna have a cool copy of shakespeare's twelfth night! please, anyone? by a cool copy, i mean, something with a cool cover, not the boring ones. haha! books aren't to be judged by their cover, i know. but it's always more fun flipping the pages of a book with a cool cover. makes the reading experience more enticing.

also im gonna ask daddy to look for an original dvd of it like the one i posted here.

And does anyone know until when Doulos will be here?

Um okay.. haha i just checked.. their site tells me they'll be here until the 26th! oh my, 11 days left and i wanna buy, like, 20 books! I first saw it on tv, then i was reminded of it through tin's wishlist. but with all the things i'm asking for this season, i'm not so sure dad will buy me 20 books in a snap. haha! but im actually interested more on academic books, especially those about the social sciences.. so maybe... but then i also want to stack up on literature. i have to!

[rhea]lization: being a december baby has its down side, too. haha! since it's also christmas time, my spending habits are somehow more highlighted. like, i'm shopping for christmas, then i'm also shopping for clothes and stuff for my birthday. i'm asking stuff for christmas, then i'm also asking some for my birthday.

no wonder my parents always tell me i'm their most magastos child. :))

[rhea]lity: but that's the very reason december is my favorite month! because i got to shop (semi)nonstop. haha!

[rhea]l issue: this year though, i'd be turning 19. just a few years more and shame on me if i still am a dependent. (i'd be studying law and dad says that since he could provide anyway, he wants my full attention on my studies). anyway, as soon as i finally get the much coveted for letter's affixed on my name (a-t-t-y), all these would be o-v-e-r! :))

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