Sunday, December 23, 2007

So worth it.

i was right when i got all excited about this year. because truly, by far this has been one of the greatest years for me. and i intend to make 2008 even better. i remember being an emo girl around this time of the year last year. so the party was over. it's nearing christmas. and yet that area of my life is still as obscure as it can be.

2007 started like woah. loved it. and since then i anticipated a year full of new, exciting memories for me. and true enough, i have been blessed with so much.

i remember many months back when this certain person spiced up everything. and not long after, i dropped off all my doubts and hesitations and decided to become his girlfriend. and for quite a number of times we almost lost it. but he held me still. and right now i'm just so happy i could cry. everything was so worth it.

you are so worth it. thanks, baby :)

the best line that i came up this year would have to be this:

'let life keep on surprising you and keep on surprising life back.'

this year i got a lot of surprises. even i surprised myself by the things i did that i never thought i could do.
it's always easy to hate and complain, but it's always a better option to be proactive and actually do something about it. this year i realized that more than being a lawyer, i want to be a lawmaker. just read my post entitled 'on politics.' if you do some backreading, you'll also come across a post wherein i posted the lyrics of Chantal Kreviazuks' 'This Year.' How apt! now i know that seems incoherent with the opening line of this paragraph, but wait 'til i finish. my point is simple and it's actually a cliche. but i realized the power of dreaming and believing. as a kid i've always had it in me. and then i got jaded. but feeling helpless won't really do anything. now if we just believe that a good year's ahead of us, and then actually do something about it, great things do happen.
i've learned so much this year.
and everything has been

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