Monday, December 31, 2007

Grateful :)

2007 has been GREAT! :D

True to the song This Year, which i saw as the prophet to what lies ahead of me earlier this year, my 2007 has indeed been THE year.

As some of you might know, our family lost loved ones in the last two years. My lola on the eve of Christmas day two years ago, and then the year after, my mom's brother, papa, and two of mama's siblings. 2007 has been a great relief for the family, both on my dad's and my mom's side, that nobody died this year.

I have also truly enjoyed my 2007. From the gatherings, to the out of town trips, and even to the classes i attended :D On its last day, looking back, I feel like I owned it. To God, I'm truly thankful.

I'm not saying it didn't have any letdowns. But whoever went through a year without some frustrations here and some disappointments there? Nothing's perfect. But I for one am truly grateful for the generally happy feeling I felt in 2007. Perhaps at some points I stooped low because of some irrationalities. But hey, in that sense, I'm not the only one. And if it made me [rhea]lize one thing, I gained a better valuation for myself. It made me love myself more.

In my Michelle Simone Rolling of Days 2007 planner, I wrote: To a year of self-love.

Maybe I did some things that are contradictory to that overall goal, but now, on my year's last day, I feel like I have [rhea]lized that goal.

2007, thank you for making me love myself more.

And to let myself be loved by someone else in the romantic sense is another great thing, too :)

I guess I will always look at 2007 with fondness. I guess I will drop some of the not-so-good things and remember the fun, fun times I've had with people who matter. I will cherish the moments I've had with the first guy I let inside my life: a wide range of emotions, I tell you. I will bring with me the things I've learned and the things that made me a better person,

a better person, for an even better 2008 :)

and i just can't wait what my Belle de Jour 2008 Power Planner will contain in the year ahead ;) God willing they'll be great :)


Bea said...

happy new year, ate rhea! thanks for being part of my 2007 :)

cinnamon said...

happy new year to you too, bea! and thank you rin :)