Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Good vibes, baby.

Hello 2008!

20007 has been dear to me. You, I feel, are tempting me. Good vibes only, baby :) Good vibes. This year i foresee myself adapting a riskier behavior, stretching my limits a little bit more. And i'm so ready to spice things up ;)

my 2007 planner alongside my 2008

I expect a lot from myself this year. Each time i see that 'it girl' cover of the power planner, i keep telling myself: this year, i'm gonna do things that would bring me closer to being that girl sometime in the future.

Sometime this year, I will have my picture taken for graduation. I would be feeling the butterflies come LAE time. This is it! This is the make it or break it year for that one dream i've cherished most than all the other professions my younger self ever thought of. I would also be celebrating my first year as a non-teen. So there. Ate M texted me earlier, "sana magdalaga ka na nga talaga."

Sometime this year, I will be prioritized again during the reg period and i would have the label "graduating" on my Form 5. Just the same, my younger brother would also be graduating from culinary school.

This year I'll get to know myself better. Not much of the old one, really, but more of what i could become.

And i can feel it. This year i could be your angel, or the friend who would listen to you rant all night long, or the nerdy girl who still has the time to party and look hot. And yes, since i'm starting with good vibes, i can also feel that this year, i'll be calmer and a lot more patient. I've lost my cool countless times in 2007 and the years before that. I'll try to chill more this year.

Like i said, good vibes :)

as usual, we welcomed 2008 by gathering and praying just before the clock strikes 12. and then followed by dinner. it has always been like that. daddy wants us to spend the first few minutes of the year praying and thanking Him for the great year that has passed. we've also always spent new year's at home, it has been part of tradition. so inasmuch as it seems tempting to go to eastwood or anywhere else to par-tay, i guess new year's eve, to me, will always be time for Him and the family.
Hello 2008. I'm so excited to know more about you :)

christmas girl :)

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