Tuesday, January 29, 2008

are you serious?

I was browsing for my childhood self's favorite twins, and i found this --->

1. A Sweet Valley High gameboard????

2. What the? Can you find your boyfriend back in time for the big date? How (insert appropriate negative word here, i can't find one) is that? >.<

3. For ages 8 and up. Eight and up, come on. :

As early as 8, you train young girls to look for their boyfriends? Are you serious?

On second thought, when i was 8 i already had crushes. that i won't deny. but for capitalists to take advantage of little girls' fantasies (which are fed by other capitalists, too) and provide them with these games as if saying that starting 8, it's okay to get into a relationship...

And yeah, why hype up that 'big date'?

But then again, when i was a child perhaps i thought like that, too. fairy tale overdose, i think. I went through a phase like this one, too, especially when i started reading Candy during 5th grade. So you know, i'm no conservative who's overreacting.

Okay, i can't out the right words together. So i'll just leave you with the picture. I was surprised and bothered. What emotion did it elicit from you?

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