Saturday, February 9, 2008

On the current political bruhaha

Running the country mafia-like.

May God guide and bless the Philippines.


I just had my nails done at the nearby salon and took a cab, rushing to my 10 am class yesterday. It was already 10:20ish. I didn't know it would take that long. The cab driver was listening to the am radio.

I heard a man in an emotional state talking about something... para sa ikabubuti ng bayan at sa kinabukasan ng ating mga anak... or something like that. I heard he was referred to as Lozada. I was dying inside to know what it was all about. What the hell is happening? I could picture the man, he was shaking, perhaps crying. I could only speculate, I can't see anything.

It was only this morning when my parents asked me, "o, anong nangyayari sa UP?"

Perhaps i've really been apathetic. But there's just been too many rallies that sometimes i don't bother to pay attention. WRONG, I KNOW. MALING MALI. But then, i won't go about talking why. I've had a number of entries discussing just that. The rallies, that is. Anyway, so i told them that i don't really know. And so they informed me about it.

I was appalled. At everything. I'm actually out of words to describe how i feel about everything. This is real life action and drama.

I remember Dr. Enriquez, father of Sikolohiyang Pilipino, when i was pondering about the sitch. I've been too busy with my psych majors. Too busy to bother to listen to or read the news. Too busy to care. When he came back to the Department of Psychology in the 70s, he was appalled how come the students were engrossed with their lab rats and the whole department seemed to have a protective bubble, with a business as usual attitude, seeming to not care about the current situation. Psychology is a discipline concerned with people. Hence, psychology, as a discipline, should serve the people... Okay, for non-psych people i don't know if you get the connection but well i don't really have the time to elaborate anymore.

When i was a freshman, i was always in-the-know. Was it because i was a freshman and i had more time? Or is it because the novelty and excitement of being an Iskolar ng Bayan soon faded when my acads became more demanding? I hate to think that it was just a phase.

As a UP student one must never be "too-busy-with-acads-and-responsibilities" to care. Because after all, aren't the things we learn in school supposed to be utilized for the benefit of the people? Of ourselves, too, of course, but always with the desire to help the country and the people.


Gloria and the people who tolerate these "systematic looting of the national treasury" who also happen to graduate from UP are a disgrace to the institution.

May I be guided to never be like that in the future. As they say the system is already so dirty, and even the idealists get brainwashed. I hope i won't have to be in such a situation in the future.

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