Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sense of fulfillment

It feels good to know that in spite of all the hurts you are feeling, you could still love.

And it is refreshing to find your oasis amongst the less-privileged ones.

I've [rhea]lized that the best shield and weapon against hate is love. Seeing that I love even those who are not connected to me makes me feel alive. What joy it was to be with those kids from the GK Central Village!

I was really touched by how those kids still come to me and look up to me, even if now I don't get to buy them whatever they want from the store anymore. It was quite a heart-thumping feeling to have a kid come to you, eager to learn division, among other things. Those kids? Poor as they may be, but they've got a dream. And they've got the brains and the talents, too! While I was tutoring Raffy, some of the other boys were lingering. After the break, Anjory was studying with us already! Later, RJ (another kid from the village, not my biological brother) was hovering and looking at us. After the second break, he joined us too! I was quite impressed at how fast they got the math technique I shared. At the same time, I felt a bit proud of myself. How ironic is it for someone like me who hates math to actually teach math? It was interesting how those kids handpicked math to be our topic, saying it was their favorite subject.

And oh, how my heart jumped when my tutees asked when they would see me again! They even asked where I'd enter, and around what time. They said they'll wait for me. You know, those boys even wrote my name! My full name! It was sooooooo touching, I tell you. Even without them saying it, in my heart I felt that I have touched their lives.

And the best compliment ever? The little uber-cute tot who was waving at me, looking soooo cute, and instantly crying when i said goodbye. And then i bent down, hugged him, told him Ate will be back, gave him a peck on the cheek, and then he wasn't crying anymore. <3

I am dealing with a lot. But if I become very busy, I hope I'd get to keep in touch with that lot (those kids, that is).

***I will attach one, two, or three photos here as soon as mica uploads the pictures :)

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