Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus Christ Superstar


This Holy Week has, by far, been the most meaningful one to me. This year, a Man who I have missed deeply came knocking at my door, and made me feel His sweetness all over. That Man is no less than JC! And His great love is the best!


I have always regarded Lent as a season of restriction. This year though, I kinda veered away from the holy observances, feeling empty inside, spiritually. But all the while I have searched for Him. And I realized that I have been searching at the wrong places. All the while, I have unwittingly kept Him on the bench and focused my life on myself and on my relationship with Jamo. So wrong. The words from two of the most memorable books in my life, both given to me on my Debut, kept ringing, but the mind always had ways to rationalize, you see.

While watching the girl who portrayed Mary Magdalene sing Don't Know How to Love Him, for the first time I felt JC in a way I never had before. It's indescribable.

Now I regard the Holy Week in a way I never had before. More than restriction (fasting and abstinence, for example), the Holy Week is a time of liberation. Because through His death, we were liberated from our sins. And as such, this is a great time for us to bask in His light and to be filled by His love. It was out of love that He died for us. I guess that important bit is quite underrated in this Season, with people being preoccupied with observances. This, more than Valentine's, is the greatest time to love.

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