Thursday, May 8, 2008


After a series of trials and errors, I think I’ve come to a point when I could already somehow predict my next actions. Here’s a question you might want to ponder upon:

How much attention do you pay to your own thinking processes?

It helps a lot to have a high degree of self-awareness. For example, when deciding between two options, it’s beneficial to have an accurate foresight of how you’ll feel and how these feelings would manifest in your behaviors. The idea might seem pretty mundane, but believe it or not, people are unaware of a vast majority of their thought processes. I, for one, am not claiming that I have access to such. Now by unconscious thought processes, I’m not speaking Freudian here. Basically, there are four kinds of unconscious thoughts, though I’d rather not tackle them here anymore.

Note: This entry was created on May 6, but it's only now that I got the chance to post it.

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