Saturday, May 3, 2008


i'm supposed to be in alaminos, pangasinan this moment for psychsoc's annual kickoff for the seniors. given the circumstances, i can't go. but i'm fulfilled enough today that i almost forgot i was missing out on something.

so what was up for me today? well, i just stayed at our newest branch and helped out. before going there, my mom taught me how to do the different kinds of reports, monitoring, and inventories. when we got there, i wrote field notes (how psych!) from time to time. and a lot of other exciting things. hahaha. i know. it might seem so boring to some. perhaps if it was me just doing it for money and for someone else. but hey, this is one of our businesses. i'm more than glad to be of help. it also feels satisfying that my mom would listen to/follow my suggestions, and would even let me "scold" her once in a while. haha.

so today i kinda multitasked. reviewing for my exam, thinking of how i could apply the things i've learned from school esp. from I/O psych to our business, taking orders, encoding data in excel, helping out in accounting, answering customers' questions, giving orders (on peak times), bussing, etc. I even made my own pizza :D

dad's planning a joint company outing on may 19: his people plus mom's people. yay :) and can i just, i like the people working for mom. they're nice and kind and industrious and likeable.

anyway, as promised, i will be posting pictures :D *clap clap

don't you just love how very vivid this shot is?

i love the green shade of the grass :D
and can i just? hindi pa tadtad ng kagat ng lamok legs ko dito, unlike now. boo :

basta, i superrr like this picture :D

8. ripples. i thought of YOU. and this was the last i was able to take before sleek's cam bailed on me. speaking of 8, it's our 8th month on the 8th :)

i enjoy being a kid at heart. though i do recognize, too, that i have to grow up. and like in this picture, i only have a few steps left, and hello adult world, here i come. i'm gonna have to brace myself for more responsibilities that graduating from college would bring.

april babies -> my two younger brothers rj, who turned 18 on the 21st, and yubby, who turned 7 on the 30th. i love you both. it's a hate-love thing, but love overpowers the hate part. hahaha :D

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