Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yes, you'll see me in school next week!

I woke up this morning with a happy heart and a determined attitude. I felt better than i did the previous mornings, and i told myself that i'm going to start catching up on the things i've missed the week i was absent.

Other than the two exams that i missed (one about the philippines from 1946-1972 and the other about theories of justice from the ancient greeks to the socialists), i feel that one of the things i really missed was Dr. Mendoza's lectures. You see, it's a 3-hour class. I barely get bored, there, though, because she does know a lot and her enthusiasm is kinda infectious. Plus, there's no room for boredom in that class when you have to be scribbling notes every now and then, lest you miss something important. My Psych 135 notes are the most info-filled. But of course, being the positive girl that i am, i'm not going to wallow into the fact that i have so much to catch up on. Somehow, i feel like i could easily catch up if i just really put my heart into it.

Yesterday, i missed the psychsoc rummage sale because (1) i can't be subjected to too much heat and (2) pollution would irritate my nose and cause another nosebleed. I once mentioned a few days ago that my head aches from too much resting, but once again, i was told to just be still. Being who i am, you know i have difficulty being still. I saw my tita (a doctor) yesterday and she told me that i seem to be recuperating. Yay!

On other news. Mom got her new SUV yesterday. I'm the only one now of legal age in the family who doesn't have her own car. Dad told me i should start taking driving lessons. And that the only reason he's not yet buying me a car is because having one would only make my boyfriend's life easier daw. Um, hello dad, what about my life? Your first ever child, your only daughter, is exposed to too much pollution every time she commutes (hence she got sick for a week!), is in great potential danger every time she commutes, and.. and.. well, it's just hard, ok. Being the older, more hardworking one and yet having less privileges just because i have a boyfriend. But well, i'm not really complaining. I know too well where my dad is coming from. Besides, circa 2006, i said i'd rather have a debut because if i would be driving a car, i want to be driving one i earned rather than one just given to me by my parents. Haha but that was me being a little too idealistic back then. Of course i want a car now. Haha. For my health, dad, for my health! Haha. Anyway, i don't want to dwell on this topic anymore...

Last friday, being the good ate that i am, i resigned to my brother's pleas that he wants to watch clone wars before going home. (Oh yeah, for once he waited for me before going home because dad told him i can't commute because i'm still a bit sick and because of pollution). So i texted Tins and asked her if she wants to meet me at ATC. A few minutes later she was calling and yay, we could meet :D Pictures of Tins and i at my multiply :D

Here's a snapshot of my fab nails, thanks to CANS :) I specifically wanted a set of bright, colorful nails because of the positive vibes that i so needed during that day, what after two incidents of nosebleeding for five minutes straight. My nails are so perky! i love! :D

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