Tuesday, September 16, 2008

transition phase

bittersweet goodbyes.
dear moonlight, shine brightly for me tonight.
say goodbye. and love me still 'til the morning light.
the one after that... and the next... and the next...
the memories here, we both know, belong to the best.

katipunan at night. this is my view from our condo window.

words are not enough, really.
last week, i cried over the fact that my brother's no longer staying with me. i'm going to miss having him and jester (our cousin) around. we barely really get to interact since i've always been a busy bee, but still. it was a love-hate relationship. but boy, did i cry HARD last week.
this sunday, when we emptied the room, i tried not to cry. so instead, i took pictures of the place. there are so many memories in that room. i left the bouquet my boyfriend gave me for our anniversary. (trivia: i keep bouquets. the ones i got from the past, i still have them. i'm sentimental like that.) anyway, it was some sort of offering/symbolic thing.
moreso, it was one of my "LET GO" moves. i'm currently trying to not be overly sentimental. to learn to let go and MOVE ON. my boyfriend got a bit disappointed at first that i didn't even keep a single petal as a "souvenir" from our first year together. HAHA. (yes, he is sentimental like that, too). but then he understood.
"...And yeah, for a brand new, better year ahead :) We've made many mistakes in the past. here's to a fresh start :)" -me to him.
i've got so many things to do, but i'm giving myself time to deal with my feelings. hey, it's not easy. i need this. i need this. i remember when i left chesca's apartment. we cried. now, i had no one to cry with. then, i had kin for company. now, i'll be dealing with total strangers. i hope they'll love me there HAHA.


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Chesca said...

Aww, special mention ako. <333

I could still remember that day you left. I was trying really hard to hold back my tears. Effort niya teh. HAHA.

Love you, Rhea! I'm sure you'll transition into the next phase very gracefully. :)