Monday, November 3, 2008

The difference between hopes and expectations

Okay, I expected this. But somehow, despite the fact that I exceeded my expectations in other fields, I can’t bring myself to rejoice.

Well, well, well. Expectations are to be delineated from hopes.

My GWA for the past semester was high enough for me to be part of the University Scholars list (non-UP people, that’s the upper part of the dean’s list in UP) :) But still… I got a 2 in my favorite class and it’s breaking my heart. Remember how I vowed to never again get a line of 2 in any major after the heartbreaking 2 in Dr. Del Pilar’s Personality class? Well, I got another one, this time in Dr. Mendoza’s Sensation and Perception class. I loved that class. And I worked hard for that class. Yet still, I got a lowly 2. Sure, I even braced myself for a 2.25. But that expectation can’t save me from the fact that I still got a 2. In a way, the fact that we really had an awesome professor heightens my disappointment. One of the simplest ways a student can show appreciation to her teacher is to perform well, right?

Well, well, well. We’ve got two things working there: recency and relativity. Maybe I’m just sad because it was the last grade I received, and all my other grades were high.

All of these made me [rhea]lize something: Our hopes are purely our wants; our expectations, however, are more rational in nature. Hence, realizing one’s hopes affects one more than exceeding one’s own expectations does.

Anyway, I don’t want to end this entry sounding so negative and ungrateful :) Hey, considering that this has been my most taxing semester ever (requirement-wise), managing to still be part of the US list is something :) I shouldn’t put myself down too much.


tins said...
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tins said...

rhea, usually, a 2.25 for a 4 unit subject automatically disqualifies a person from being a US. but, since you still managed to be one; that is a feat in itself. you did a good job. ma'am mendoza's class is a very challenging one. and much like what sir eric always says, if you feel good after taking an exam... it does not necessarily follow that you'll get a high score as well.

so don't feel bad, you did great. :)

cinnamon said...

dear, i didn't get a 2.25. haha, i said i braced myself for that but i got a 2. haha :P

jes said...

hmm, ok kht d ko gets xD

cinnamon said...

^jester tesoro? ikaw ba yan? haha baka kaya ka naguguluhan kasi baligtad jan sa la salle. 4 ang mataas. samin kasi 1 ang highest, 5 ang lowest.