Sunday, November 2, 2008

Loving the runway

I wasn’t much of a runway fan before. The clothes just seem so theatrical and impractical. Couture, I thought, remain mostly in the runway and in high-society parties.

But of late, I’m starting to love runway fashion shows more and more. While watching Catwalk Review earlier this afternoon, I was wowed by Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. clothing line. Wooooooot! Super gorgeous clothes! The clothing lines that followed were pretty awesome, too, especially the Miss Sixty collection. So anyway, I decided to check out LAMB’s official website. I must say: the clothes looked better and more put-together in the runway. Still. Also, I am oh-so-proud of our local designers. When I saw the photo stills from the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week, I was in awe. The clothes were just amazing. I shall definitely watch the next Philippine Fashion Week. Here, take a look at my personal favorites:

*pictures from

And F! I used to ignore F because the clothes, as I said, were too unwearable. But now, I see myself not changing the channel for a longer period of time. I’m really digging F now. If I just have oodles and oodles of money, I’d really splurge on tons of designer clothes.

Speaking of clothing lines, I used to say I want to have my own someday. But then, after feasting my eyes on runway clothes for almost one week straight, I [rhea]lized that I’m really more of a fashion-phile than an artist. I do appreciate a wide variety of style pallets (hence, making shopping bittersweet), but now I doubt if I can come up with avant-garde pieces. But maybe that’s just because I lack the education.

And speaking of education, for a few seconds I was beholden by the idea of getting a degree in Fashion Design or Clothing Technology. Why didn’t I take that in the first place? Well, two things. First, I was hesitant because I felt like I would just “waste” my brains (OKAY SORRY, I WAS SUCH A JERK FOR THINKING THAT WAY, BUT I KNOW YOU GET ME) in that profession. In other words, though I know it entails a lot of brainwork—hello, creativity—I thought that I could maximize my potential in other fields. Besides, there’s the fear of not excelling since I’m not really that much of a creative person. Second, inasmuch as I love fashion, I feel like I have a calling somewhere else, which is nation-building.

But of late, I realized that nation-building can be found everywhere, in just about any field. By simply doing one’s best to be great in what one is doing locally, in effect one is already doing something great for the country. And also, I’m thinking that maybe, the reason why I think I’m not creative enough is because I really haven’t given it a try.
Anyway, I’ll deal with my moratorium phase in another entry. As for this one, all I really want to say is: TAKE ME SHOPPING PLEASE!!! Hahahaha. And my birthday’s near :P I’d love gift certificates from The Ramp :P Hahaha!

Grabe, I’m really so inspired right now. Work hard. Work hard. Work hard. Someday, honey, I’m going to earn my own money to have a closet full of couture :D

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