Friday, December 5, 2008


Yesterday, our Marine Science 1 professor gave each of us a pet fish as a Christmas gift.

You might want to learn more about Betta Splendens here.

The ones he gave us were imported from Thailand. I let Lesly name mine Kusalagufagoof. Haha. Anyway, weird as the name might sound, I let her because she seemed too eager and excited. Haha. Cute. Now it makes me wonder what kind of big sister I’d be like if I had a younger sister. I think it’s kind of different being a big sister to younger brothers. Anyway, Kusalagufagoof shall be his “official” name.

But his nickname shall be Pier :) There were two colors —blue and red. I actually find the blue one much cuter because parts of it turn purple from time to time. The one I got was red, though. Anyway, I thought it looked kind of hot :) Haha, but not until Pier started looking so timid and sad. Anyway, that’s where I got the nickname: from fiery, hot red. Fiery --> Pier, got it? Haha.

Our MS1 prof is really like a lolo. In our first day of classes, he gave each of us a friendship bracelet. Haha! And, the fact that he’s Chinese and that he came from Samar made me miss my late Papa more. Like our Ms1 prof, Papa likes giving us, his grandchildren, different kinds of things before he got sick. We used to get something almost every Sunday, be it a bike (the one I got was in super hot pink), a Chinese dictionary, lots of goodies from Ongpin, a new toy, or even a crisp one thousand peso bill (and that was when I was only five or so). And I was his favorite, being the first born and all :) Awww, I really miss Papa.

Mkay… moving on…

I now want to have lots of fishes as pets :) The cute ones! I [rhea]lized that I like the feeling of looking after a living thing. And hey, I never felt such kind of attachment before to members of the animal kingdom. Hint, hint! My birthday’s coming :P

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