Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I was hinting in the last entry, but now I’ll be blatant :P I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas/Birthday wish list since last last week. Not because I’m actually expecting people to get them for me, but because I like the dreaming part. You know that feeling you get when you enumerate the things you like coupled with the idea of actually having them? :)

Anyway, here are my wishes :D :D :D

1. Pet fishes :) The ones that have something nice about their feature, And if possible, I want ones in vibrant colors—especially purple and royal blue! Also, I want small ones that grow, so I can feel like a proud mom when they do grow :D :D :D Oh, simple joys :)

2. Nicely arranged flowers. They never fail to brighten up my day :)

3. Flower seeds. The type that can actually grow in our garden (read: not the types that only grow in places with Baguio’s climate). If you’ve noticed, this is a mix of wishes number 1 and 2. It’s something that I can take care of and it’s a flower :)

4. Photoshoot certificates!!! I’ve told you guys about Lookbook.nu, right? Well, I haven’t posted anything for a long time and I have a number of outfits I would like to post, only that I don’t have pictures of myself wearing them. And the pictures have to be taken nicely! Haha. Besides, I really enjoyed our grad pic pictorial and I’d like something like that again :)

5. Hair and makeup tutorials. Haha, I am turning 20 in less than two weeks, graduating from college in a couple of months. Still, I don’t know how to do my own hair and makeup during events! And, Cher, my all-time favorite character (for those of you who don’t know her, she’s the lead in the greatest chic flick Clueless, played by Alicia Silverstone) once said in the book series (oh yes, when I was younger I collected the Clueless series hahaha) that hair badly done (or not done at all) can ruin a great outfit. Hear, hear.

It’s a pretty short list :) These are the things I REALLY REALLY WANT. Haha!


But hey, here are some other things that would definitely make me smile, too. I think I shall ask some of them from my parents (if the one intangible thing I really, really want won’t be granted, or if they’d grant that and still ask for what material thing I want, which would be the best case scenario for me haha).

~White knee high boots :)

~The black bag from Terranova :D It's the softest among all their bags :)

~The super duper mega soft flipflops from Shangrila, like Lyan’s! :)

~A UP jacket (the one in white)

~Enrollment at John Robert Powers :D :D :D I already told my mom about this, and she already kind of agreed. We’ll see, I hope I have the time. Anyway, you might be curious why… But you know, even if I do look confident, I believe there’s still a lot about my personality / attitude / stance which I need to improve on. When I look at a number of girls my age and see how nicely they carry theirselves, how confident and spunky they seem… stuff like that… I can’t help but wish I’d be as good as carrying myself. This might come as a shocker, but yes, I tend to be shy girl at times.

~Bvlgari perfume! I miss my favorite scent. The Crystalline Omnia. It’s the one in a circular container. Dad stopped buying it for me since I had a boyfriend. What the : Dads. Hahaha.

~Basic makeup stuff :)

~Tube tops in different colors! Beige, black, blue, red, yellow, green, etc.

~The Time Traveler’s Wife book. It was on my list last year and I still don’t have it haha. Thing is, I don’t get to buy it because I barely have time to read literary books now.

~Strawberry Cadbury!!! Lots and lots of it.

~Dried strawberries with casoy from Matahari or any of those Thai / Indonesian kiosks. It’s now one of my favorite snacks at home. I think the dry strawberries cost P90-P95 per 100 grams :D Tastes super goooooooood with casoy (also from one of those kiosks).

~AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST. RINA ALBERT NOTEBOOKS!!! RINA ALBERT DAPAT. HAHAHA. I’ve been planning to actually email her because I’m such a fan! Hahaha. The notebooks in standard size cost less than P200, and they’re the glossiest notebooks ever! The one thing I’m sad about, though, is that there aren’t any new designs lately. Haha, so that’s why I’ve been planning to email her and request for new designs. Anyway, if I do see some fabulous new designs for the ones in standard size, I’d be a super happy girl.

On a side note, I can’t believe I’ll be turning twenty in a couple of days. Oh no, no, you won’t be hearing me say I’m twen-teen. I’m embracing my new age with arms open wide and with a mindset full of positivities :)

I only posted the tangible stuff. The intangibles that I want are more personal ;)


Chesca said...

I have white knee-highs! Hahahaha, but I don't really use them. But now's the time since it's cold! :D Tinatabi ko na rin sila in case we have to do a batch/org presentation na Spice Girls tas I want to channel Baby Spice. :p

I don't have studio GC's, but I'm borrowing my dad's SLR for next week! Maybe I could take nice pics of you! Or we could have a mini photoshoot with matching makeup and styling! Just let me know when you're free! :)

cinnamon said...

hmm, that sounds FUN! :D bonding time na rin. i like :)

Martin said...

I could shoot you. Hahaha! Since grad na ko at naghahanap pa lang ng trabaho, I'm technically free anytime. XD

Just give me a time and place. Hahaha!

cinnamon said...

gift mo? :P hahaha :P

cinnamon said...
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