Friday, December 19, 2008

Twenty and Fabulous :)

The day before my birthday and my actual birthday were both pretty eventful :)
On the 17th, my classmates and prof greeted me when I entered the room, and the best part was that I got 11/10 in our lab quiz. Yay!
Practice for Handog was fun, too. Our actual presentation, admittedly, was the only sabog presentation. My favorite would have to be Buklod-Isip's because it was super entertaining! Good job, guys :) Anyway, sabog or not, what's more important to me was the fun times during the practice. Haha, the girls even practiced inside the third floor CR so we could all see our whole bodies while dancing, as if we're in a dance studio. Also, Ross and I bonded during lunch. Haha, I am a brutally frank friend :) But I know you love me for that, right Ross? Haha!

Mandala 2009 :)

Claudine Tecson, ang pretty pretty mo dito :)

Fun times, fun times :)

It was also the first time I got to watch the Lantern Parade! :D All UP units were represented! My favorite would have to be UP Mindanao's giant bird (FA is already a given, of course). As for the costumes, CHK!!! But the highlight was seeing Polly perform! Polly, we were so proud of you! Hopefully we'll see you compete for PEP next year! Bring it on :D

Got invited to the Christmas dinner of Batch 04. Haha :) I'll always be their baby :) On the spot exchange gift! As in sa Eastwood kami nagbunutan at dun din kami naghanap ng gift, with a 15-minute time limit! That was fun. Some of the POPS had dinner at Fazoli's pala, so when they saw me, they (Paul, David, Marge, Isa C., Lester, Carms) decided to drop by after their dinner. Paul stayed with us :)

With Tin Hernandez :)

And with the roommate I miss the most!

It was already past 12mn, so I bought a birthday cake from Cheesecake :) It was superrr pretty and really yummy! It was fun turning 20 with a group of older friends who has been a good support group during my college days :)

Birthday cake! :)

Twenty and Fabulous :)

Kuya AJ dropped me off at the UP Theater because Jamo and I were supposed to meet. We had a little fight, though. I guess I was hormonal that day. I cried twice during my own birthday, do you know that? Wala lang, I just felt as if the Ms. Engineering event was more important to him. But yeah, we were able to sort things out. Heard mass 4am. It was already 6 when I slept! But anyway, I felt much better when I woke up. We didn't get the chance to meet again but I was just happy that we were okay and back to normal and that we got to talk. I love you :)

I woke up 9:55 na! Haha! Anyway, I so love my emerald green birthday dress! Compare it with my 19th birthday dress and you'll see that even in that department, I kind of matured as well. But for those of you who are fond of the sweet, little girl image, I'll still don stuff like that from time to time. Haha. After all, it's not like I shopped for a whole new wardrobe to replace everything in my closet.

I was superrr touched with my birthday GA! My favorite would have to be the messages the people who presented gave me while presenting whatever they got for me. Thanks to Joybee (who bought the flowers) and JE (who bought the fishes) who prepared for the flow of everything :) I cried, okay! :)) Ang babaw talaga ng luha ko. Birthday card (actually, it was a pink corkboard with stars as pins for the messages) from my buddy Allen, fresh flowers and dance from some of the boys I love (Allen, David, Migo, JE, Paul), fishes presented with super touching birthday messages from my Exter babies (Val, Mikki, Kar, Cris, Isa A. The idea was Chesca's,btw), plus candles and wishes and some gifts from the seniors (buddy Venus, Gsel, Ross, Joybee, Chesca), execom (Marge, Bea, Reg) and Patrick! Sa dami ng bigay sakin, nahirapan akong iuwi haha at naiwan ko pa yung galing sa exchange gift (thanks for the black tube top and chocolates, though, Ida!)
My last and best birthday GA
The last Christmas Party where both of us were present was when we were still freshmen!

Fellow December 18 baby, Kriss Laidan!

With my super nice buddy Migo Mantaring and super loveable friend Joy Bantigue.

Birthday Corkboard (I have yet to read the messages) :D

Reg, thanks for the ride :)

Birthday dinner at Highlands China Palace with my family! :) I was choosing between Italianni's and this place, but then I chose this one since it's less crowded. Sleek's batt almost died. But being the girl scout that I am, I had my charger with me! Haha, no adaptor though, so RJ had to run to Ace Hardware just to buy an adaptor. I cannot not have pictures of my birthday dinner with the most important people in my life! Haha!

My younger brothers surprised me with a gift. It's a first, ok! So I was super surprised. It was so sweet! Here, look at what they gave me!

It says: You touched my heart and I LOVE YOU! :)

Like I said, I'm not going to say I'm twenteen. I'm twenty and I'm feeling it AND loving it. I can say that I am now significantly different from the Rhea that was even just a year ago. It's not something obvious to most (or to all), but I know that indeed I have matured.

Thank you, Lord :)


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