Friday, December 12, 2008


Just a tidbit of information before proceeding to my actual topic:

For the lovebugs who consider kissing as one of their favorite activities, take caution! Apparently, too much heavy kissing can cost you your capacity to hear. Read more about it here. So next time you’re in for some liplocking action, keep in mind to keep things slow.

New Year is still a couple of days away, but I’ll still post a couple of [rhee]solutions now anyway. You might want to read and pick up a few things, too.

1. From now on, I’ll keep all of my shopping receipts.

By shopping, I am particularly pertaining to buying fashion items. It’s beneficial in a number of ways. But primarily, the idea entered my mind after a busy shopping day last week when I [rhea]lized how many stores offer membership cards for a minimum purchase of so and so. Hello?! Without calculating, I knew right then and there that if I had only kept my receipts, I would have availed of a number of memberships. Also, by keeping the receipts I can monitor how much I actually spend on clothes (or rather, how much of my parent’s money goes to my closet). Plus, as a clothes-phile, I think store receipts would be a pretty good collection :D

2. From now on, I’ll be a wiser shopper in the sense that

a.) I won’t let hiya get in the way when deciding on whether to buy something or not.

There were a number of times in the past when I bought something just because I thought that I just have to, all because I already spent a considerable amount of time in a certain store trying on more than three things. Nahihiya kasi ako sa sales lady, most of the time. So what I end up doing is this: I rationalize and tell myself how really nice a certain piece is, just so that I’d feel happy buying it at that moment. Key phrase? At that moment.

b.) if it doesn’t feel right, then I won’t buy it.

Sometimes, I really feel ambivalent towards a certain piece. And most of the time, I take the easy way out by buying. I [rhea]lized that the items in my closet that I really enjoy using are the ones that would fall under the “love at first sight” category, the ones that I just knew I had to have the moment I saw it on me. In Katrina Aligam’s (a batchmate in psych) words: dapat may sparkle!

c.) it will be quality over quantity!

While looking for a bag last week, I [rhea]lized how numerous the bags in my closet are. Yet only a select few are actually still useable. The same goes for my shoes. From now on, I’d rather spend each shopping allowance on one, two, or three things with good quality than splurge on a great number of items which will probably just be donated to the rummage sale next year.

3. After the Christmas break, I shall cook my own food!

Well, not really everyday, but at least twice a week. I spend so much these days, sometimes I just get surprised that I only have a few bucks left in my wallet. Then I withdraw from my savings account. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Instead of increasing, my money in the bank is decreasing! So to save, from time to time I shall cook my own food. Kahit nga yung mga canned goods lang eh, okay na.

4. I’ll strive to keep my baggage light.

a.) Literally

My bag is heavy 97% of the time. It creates huge, ugly, red marks on my shoulders and it’s a pain in the ass, especially when I have to commute or when I am shopping. I’ll try to minimize the stuff I bring and make sure to have with me only the essentials, as much as possible. I’m thinking of buying smaller kits so that I won’t have to bring my entire pencil case (I have LOTS of pens) and kikay kit with me all the time. Actually, it’s not really all about the content. I’ve [rhea]lized since I was just a little kid that the strap width (and cushion) of a bag is correlated with the perceived (meaning felt) weight. Two straps, like in backpacks, are great, because weight is distributed, and even more so if the straps are wide and if they’re cushioned (believe it or not, I already noticed that as a kid and even used it to reason out to my mom why I prefer a certain bag over the one she thinks looks cuter).

b.) Figuratively

Just a few hours ago, I decided to end my Livejournal account and create a new blog under Tumblr for random kwentos, feelings, ramblings and whatnot (as you know, this Blogger account is reserved for rhea-lizations). The reason? The latter was angst-filled. And I just felt like I need a fresh, new start. Now whether that account will have readers or not, I shouldn’t care much anymore. I miss the good old diary days when I write stuff that happened during the day/week just because, for nothing else. 2007 was one of my best years. 2008, however, was eventful in a wrong kind of way. But sometimes, the things we label as “wrong” in our life are actually the sources of realizations that lead us to making things right. 2009 shall be a year of maturity, a commencement of applying the rhea-lizations I have had in the past 19 years of my life :)

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