Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've decided to be a cheerleader :)

The first week of classes for this month has been anything but laidback.

Pero sinong stressed??? HINDI SI RHEA :)

I'm really proud of myself for staying positive last week despite the super hectic schedule. I wouldn't go as far as saying I've done everything I had to do. In fact, I'm a little behind schedule. But then, that's okay :) At least I know I'm more industrious now than I was before :) And the best part of it was that I stayed positive. Sure, there could be physical signs of stress, but hey, what would feeling bad for myself do to help me, diba?

A lot of people around me are panicking and ranting lately. Me? I decided to be the cheerleader. And it makes me feel good-- not being in a panicky mode and having the energy (and proper mind set) to try to cheer others, too.

I'm busy as a bee, but I'm happy as if I'm free :)


toni said...

good for you then!:) i've learned that with all the stress around you, the only way to help yourself is by keeping a good vibe. i followed you here from your lj Rhea, and I linked you too :) I hope that's okay with you.

Good luck with school!

cinnamon said...

thanks a lot, toni :)