Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Running on caffeine, hope and determinism

The night before this, I worked my butt off until 6 in the morning. I missed the one class I've been waiting for my whole psych major life---the time when we get to have our own actual human brain samples---because I had too many requirements left to do. If I do get to finish all the stuff I have to finish for tomorrow before sleeping, maybe I'd only have an hour or two left to sleep.

I am currently run by caffeine.

But I've been like this since last week. The sole time I got to really unwind and do nothing was during our 16th month (last January 8, which was just a week ago but already it feels like it has been two weeks since, given everything I've been doing). And today's the only time I really have to buy a grande frappe.

The point? I've noticed that more than all the coffee in the world (I used to always buy whenever I have something to finish---something that contributed a lot to my now thin bank account---but now I'm really really doing my best to not spend), it's really my hope and determination that keeps me running. Like I said, I used to buy from Starbucks or Seattle's almost everytime I need to finish something. But then, a number of them were useless since I ended up sleeping, anyways.

Having the hope that things will turn out okay and the determinism to keep going and going---these two are the things that matter more.

Need R&R sooooooon!

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