Wednesday, April 1, 2009
OH. M. G.

wala nga ako kamalaymalay nung unang lumabas na pala. after my super late lunch (buhay bum, buhay bum!), mga 4.30, bumalik ako sa kwarto ko para magpaka-bum further. and then i saw my good friend charles' text message, congratulating me.

just earlier this morning, me and my friend joy co were talking about it. she said she's more geared towards taking an MA in ateneo, while i said i'm 97% sure that i wanna explore life first. i just [rhea]lized in the past few days that there are soooo many things i wanna do and be. and if i go to law school straight ahead, i might not have a chance to do those things in the future anymore. i'm kinda afraid that law school might eat me up. although knowing me, i wouldn't let that happen. i love a balanced life too much to let that happen.

recently, i've been excited with the idea of working. my dad, seeing that i'm now more leaned towards working, even told my mom to go shop for corpo clothes with me. (haha segue, iba pa yan dun sa sinabi niya sakin kahapon na i could shop for other clothes with only my conscience as my limit! o diba, he trusts me. haha! whoot at marami pa ko bibilin bwahahaha). anyway, less than an hour ago, i was almost so sure that that's the plan.

right this very moment, my friend joy co and i are talking about it. like me, she passed unconditionally, too. meaning that we don't have to be interviewed anymore. plus to be fair naman sa amin, hindi naman ito tira-tira lang after matanggal ang mga pumasa at nagconfirm na sa UP Law. Kasi andito pa yung mga ibang LAE passers, like sina Arianne Cerezo.

LIFE TALAGA. mahilig mangonfuse! bakit kasi diba kung kelan set na set ka na for other things, bigla kang bibigyan ng iba. alam mo yun? it's one thing kasi na pumasa and may interview pa. baka yun tamarin na ko. pero iba to eh.

PERO MAY NAISIP AKO. kahit supermegakaduperEXAG nakakainis nga na lagi na lang ako ginugulo ng mga pangyayari (i.e. ang di ko pagpasa sa LAE at ito), narealize kong maganda siya in a way. kasi binibigyan ako ng buhay ng chance na magdecide talaga, na mag-isip talaga. diba? nung di ako natanggap sa dream school ko, marami akong narealize. at tulad ng sinabi ko, magandang opportunity yun for me para mapagisipan kung gusto ko ba talaga ang law.

Gusto ko nga ba? alam ko na yung sagot jan.

Oo. Gustong gusto ko. Pero, tulad nga ng sinabi kong [rhea]lization ko, there are just sooo many things i want to do and be. things other than being a lawyer. Because i don't want it to be my life. I just really want the title and the great things i can accomplish being one. Sabi ko nga, oo, willing akong magspend ng 4 more years for that for extra letters. Haha, one letter per year. tapos yung period sa Atty., pag pumasa na ko ng bar! hahaha!

So diba ayun, mejo may direksyon na buhay ko.

Pero hindi. Kung nung una, binigyan ako ng opportunity na mag-isip dahil nga di ako pumasa sa dream school ko (and thank God i've found the answer!), ngayon naman binibigyan ako ng opportunity na tumuloy pa rin. I mean, kasi kung di ako pumasa, parang left with no choice na talaga ako diba. Work na ito. Pero hindi. May option ako. So mejo hindi nanaman straight direksyon ko. Pero yun nga, i'd rather look at things as opportunities for contemplation.

Hay Lord. Thank you so much for Your blessings :) Please help me make the right decision. Whatever it will be, I know it will be a great one :)

PS. Well hindi ko pa ata nasabing masaya naman ako sa results :) Kahit confusing, masaya pa rin :) Sabi ko nga, di man ako tutuloy makita ko lang na may pinasahan naman ako at na may future pa rin ako sa law.

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Anonymous said...

It only means one thing, Little Sister:

God wants you to be a Blue Eagle XD

(biased statement from the guy who is wearing the official Ateneo Adidas polo shirt and the school jacket)

Coffee and dinner on me if you get the wont and find the time to talk about this. Just give me a holler, okay?