Monday, April 6, 2009


April 3, 2009

I was done with the stuff I had to do in UP by 2:15. So I left for the mall to shop while waiting for the Kappa Induction to be over so I could go with Joybee to the seniors' meeting place in Antipolo.

The very first thing I got for myself was this really nice, Greek-ish torquoise top. Chiffon fabric. I got it from my new favorite store, Mags (SM North Edsa Annex). They don't have any other branch in Luzon, but they do have branches in Visayas and Mindanao. Fair enough for me. I like stores that you don't find everywhere. But the best part is that they only sell one item per kind. A certain style may come in more than one color or more than one size (but most pieces usually don't have sizes). But once you have something in a certain size, style and color, you can be sure that nobody else can buy that from that branch. Hence, each piece is one of a kind. And the designs are pretty, too. That's why I super love that store. The fact that the stuff are really affordable is just a bonus!

So I went out of that store, happy with my first buy that afternoon. After that, I got a nice and simple purple top, a swim suit, and super short white shorts. (I transferred to Trinoma, by the way).

The Kappa Induction was still on-going, so I thought I have enough time to get myself a new pair of Havaianas. Or Dupe (which I think is a lot softer than Havs!). I headed to the All Flipflops outlet, hoping to use my 10% discount from my BDJ planner. Haha. But the ones I like don't come in my size, and the ones that do come in my size aren't comfortable or cute enough. So I went to Landmark instead. Still nothing.

It was already almost 6, and the ceremony was about to be over, so I decided to go back to UP. I then remembered I forgot to bring a bar of soap and that I haven't bought sunblock yet. But then I noticed something.

One paper bag less.

The first I got that day.

The one I liked the most.

I hurriedly went to the nearest cashier to pay for the sunblock and the soap. The lady was super slow and I almost volunteered to do the job for her. But I still have manners. Haha. Then I went back to the flipflops area in Landmark. To All Flipflops. To the stores I visited prior to going to All Flipflops. None. Nada. Zilch.

I went to the concierge and asked if they have a Lost and Found Section. The lady told me that they do. I then filled up a form and she reported it over the phone. She told me they'd just contact me if someone returns it.

It has been three days already. Nobody did.

And also because of that, I got really delayed and ended up taking a cab from Trinoma to Sta. Lucia. Goodbye P200. Since I hate being the cause of the delay, I told the seniors they could go ahead to the resort and I'll just take a cab all the way there. But they love me, so they waited :) Thank God the traffic wasn't that heavy.

The top itself cost a few bucks less than 600, so it's not really a big deal. The thing is that I cannot buy the same thing from that store again, since it doesn't come in sizes, and the only other color they have for that style is dark brown, which isn't as summery as torquoise. And there's no other stock. They only produce one of each kind, remember? The one I got was actually what the mannequin was wearing. She was half-naked when I left.

You know how much I love clothes. I know this is somewhat petty, but just imagine that you lost something you really like and you can relate to me.

Goodbye, love :'(

Good thing I had fun with the seniors that night :) And on the brighter side, at least it wasn't the paper bag containing my new bikini set that got lost/stolen. I would've had nothing to wear that night if that was what I lost.

***Since I used my credit card, and I put my copy of the receipt inside the paper bag, it has my name in it. HAYY MAGUILTY NA ANG HINDI NAGBALIK :( Tntry ko na lang isiping poor person ang nakakuha non at kailangang kailangan niya ng ganon for something. Hayy.

***For being careless (and wasting my parents' money), I punished myself by deleting one item from my list of things to buy (yes, though dad gave me my conscience as my limit--basically, unlimited--I'm still a good girl and I gave myself a quantity quota per kind) and by deducting a certain amount from the limit I set for the corporate clothes.

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