Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Geek Week

Or weeks, more appropriately.

This is it friends. Next week is THE WEEK. After having our share of recits (a mixture of excellent, mediocre, bad, and really bad ones), a couple of reports and quizzes, THIS IS IT. MIDTERMS!

Actually, it seems to be a pretty light load considering we only have one exam per day, and that even if the exam is not until next week, a number of our subjects aren't holding / will not hold classes anymore. But well, we all know we could NEVER underestimate law school. This is do or die. Yeah, may finals pa. But who really wants to bank on just that?

I think I've manifested it a number of times already in my fb shoutouts. Kinikilig ako with the thought of studying, really. Haha! I repeat: "with the thought of." Okay, so maybe I have already studied a bit for the midterms. But in general, I've still been procrastinating. Haha, just like now. Haha!

It's the Geek Week! Happy studying! :)

Rhealization: I'm happy I chose to pursue Law. So maybe sometimes, when I'm in UP and when I pass by Malcolm, I can't help but wonder what could have been. But being in Ateneo Law is also such a blessing :) I'm loving it here :)

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