Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sense and style.

I just rhealized I’ve got to grow up in the fashion department as well. Most of my stuff still scream “teenager.” And although I was still one just a bit more than half a year back, I have to live with the fact that I’m now in an all-new different world that demands a much more grown-up style. I mean, sure, I was awarded “best dressed” since forever, but all that’s changed now in law school. I feel so inadequately dressed, so mundane, sooo, I dunno, lacking, I guess?

Until senior year, I detested corporate-ish clothes. But well, all that’s got to change now. Clothing gives one a sense of power. Well at least, that’s what good clothes do to me. Right now I’m still in the process of figuring out how I want to present myself. I mean, the range of style is definitely restricted by the demands of “propriety” and “formality.” So having an individual sense of style becomes all the more challenging.

For those who know me from elementary, high school, and college (especially high school and college), I know you guys understand how my clothes are a HUGE part of my personality. And now, that part seems to be… well, I dunno. Gone? Afloat? I really dunno. But I do know I’m in the phase where I try to have a style attributable to me, and not just any style, but a captivating one. From time to time it saddens me. Haha. But I brush it off with the higher demands of academics.

In high school, I loved being different, and loved for it. In college, well, I wasn’t really different, but I was bold when it comes to fashion decisions, from time to time, and well, I almost always dressed up. Now in law school, suddenly 80% of my clothes became almost useless, and the new ones that I have are pretty ordinary. Well, I guess that was because I wasn’t really sure, during the summer vacay, what we’re actually supposed to wear. So I picked the safe stuff.

Gotta love what you gotta live with. I can’t forever rebel and disregard rules. Haha :P I mean, one of the things I loved most in UP was that I could wear whatever I want to wear. And though I would sometimes show up wearing weird stuff, well, it’s UP. People go to class literally wearing costumes (for application to some orgs). So that’s nothing too bold. Anything is possible. Now that I’m in law school, that just can’t work. So inasmuch as I used to detest corpo clothes, I’ve got to love them now. I’m still taking baby steps. I know eventually, I’ll find my zone :)

That’s all. Haha, I just took a break from the books. And now I’ve to go back to them :) Because more than the clothes, the most fashionable item one can bring to law school is a prepared mind :) (And I know I’ve got to triple my efforts in that department, too!)

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