Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's about time

that I listen to that little voice inside my head again :)

Lately I've opted to succumb to ranting and my own immature thinking.

About time I reacquaint myself to myself :)
Rhea, this is Rhea. I believe you've met before.

PostScript: To two of my closest friends

To Charles who calls me little girl and who barely has time now (like me haha), you're still the best. for calling me little girl and all the meanings that go along with it :) thanks!

To Paola who's so far away now, it's a pity we can't go out. i miss hugging you. still, you're the best :)

you two... i BARELY get to talk to you anymore but i know you're just there and just thinking of how much you two matter to me gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. i'll behave, i promise <3

good luck with your own loves and careers :) i'm happy knowing that you're happy :)

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